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Ayurveda Guide

Our Ayurveda Method

KarmaKerala can help visitors to Kerala seeking access to authentic Ayurvedic treatments in kerala. We treat your requirements with total confidentiality and work closely with medical practitioners to ensure that your needs are understood and met.

As such as we do not offer prepackaged offers but rely on the advice of ayurvedic doctors and you to tailor an appropriate service for you. If you are interested in undertaking Ayurvedic Treatment, please start by completing our Medical Questionnaire which will be assessed by our own in-house doctor, and will consider the best possible treatments and locations for you before proposing a treatment plan for you to consider.

Generally, there are no effective treatments for less than 14 days and many require 21 days or longer.

You can read much more about Ayurveda in kerala here in our Ayurveda guide.

Approach of Ayurveda

Some details on the classic approaches of Ayurveda to the maintenance of health and the treatment of diseases.

Ayurveda Guide Get Started

Start your journey into Ayurveda with this introductory article that explains the core ideas and leads you deeper into Ayurveda ideas and practices.

How Does Ayurveda Work

An explanation of the working principles of Ayurveda

What is Ayurveda

A quick answer to the question what is ayurveda. Some history and some explanation of underlying principles and practices.

What is Panchakarma

A quick explanation of Panchakarma that is the most popular term for therapies offered in Kerala and is strongly associated with the state.

Our Ayurveda Guide

We have compiled a guide to Ayurveda that intended to prepare you for treatment as well as provide you with insight into the underlying principles, ayurvedic practices and techniques of Ayurveda especially as it is practiced here in Kerala and the typical Keralite technique of Panchakarma.

We have a list of different types of ayurveda treatment packages as well as a description of specific ayurveda techniques. 

Ayurveda Resorts

Here is our directory of Ayurveda resorts in Kerala. Click here for the Ayurveda Resorts Directory

Ayurveda Seasons

We provide ayurveda throughout the year with the most effective treatments being offered during Monsoon. Monsoon is the perfect season to embrace Ayurveda.

Applying for Ayurveda Treatment

If you are considering serious Ayurveda Treatment, please start by completing our medical history questionnaire by clicking here. We will ask doctors for an opinion on treatment before reverting to you with some details and options.

Ayurveda is the contribution of India to world health . A time old tradition , evidence based medicine - was not simply a stream of medicine but was the lifestyle of India.

With the advent of foreign rule , this time evolved medicine found a gradual decline in its glory.The science was not updated according to the developments of science.The treatments and principles remained as mere concepts and the therapies unscientific. In due course this life science happened to be remembered along with resorts .

Ayurveda is been popularised through health resorts in Kerala and elsewhere in the world it is a "massage" based therapy. But Ayurveda is not a resort based relaxation package, rather this great science is a holistic approach of wellness..

Here at Karma Kerala we take ayurveda very seriously. Our patient treatments are managed by our own in house doctor, Dr Chandana, and we work hard with you to help you achieve the life and medical outcomes you seek.

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