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Ayurveda Principles

A series of articles explaining the underlying principles of Ayurveda.

Agni - Ayurveda solar energy

Agni is solar energy outside ayurveda science

Ayurveda and Sexuality

Ayurveda's approach to sexuality and sexual health. Maithun (sex) is considered one of the four basic needs of humans.

Ayurveda Health Care Disciplines

Understanding the eight branches or areas of Ayurveda

Blood in Ayurveda

Ayurveda's attitude towards blood, purity and impurity

Code of Conduct

The human code of conduct as layed out by Charaka

Conception Principles in Ayurveda

Mere physical act alone is not enough to have an ideal child born. Certain pre-measures are necessary to be undertaken...

Consequences of Suppression of Natural Urges

Natural urges are part of body functions. The urges are manifold. The consequences of suppression are disastrous...

Constitution of Body in Ayurveda

Understanding the relationship of Doshas to body constitution

Dhatus in Ayurveda

Understanding Dhatus and their Importance

Dhatus are basic functional tissues of the body which cause body functions.

Doshas & Tridoshas in Ayurveda

The core framework of Ayurveda Explained

An introduction to the defining conceptual framework of Ayurveda and its understanding of the reigning forces in the body

Essence of Human Life

The essence of human life according to Ayurveda

Food Groups in Ayurveda

Understanding food groups in Ayurveda and their relation to Dhatus

Formation of Gender according to Ayurveda

How gender is chosen in conception according to ayurveda principles

Impact of Ritucarya (Seasons)

The importance of seasons to Ayurveda


Explanation of the Kapha dosa in Ayurveda

Kapha dosa is one of the three dosas. Kapha which contains water causes both good and bad effects such as building and demolishing, firmness and un-firmness, zeal and lethargy, knowledge and ignorance, strength and weakness.

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