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Panchabootah Principle in Ayurveda

An introduction to the Panchaboota (Panchabootah) principles underlying Ayurveda ideas.

The Panchabhoota concept is the pillar of Ayurveda principles. The whole universe is made up of these five elements. All the structural and functional units are made up of these elemental forms. Tridoshas also have the fraction of these factors.

The diseases are presented according to the vitiated factor of the mahabootahs .

The five mahabhootahs are

  • Earth, 
  • wind, 
  • fire, 
  • water,
  • ether. 

This concept has a mythological background of orgin also.

Vata dosha has a major fraction of wind , ether; Pitta with fire constituent and kapha with earth, water fractions more predominently felt . But there is no scientific basis for this explanation, although well expressed if any perturbation occurs.

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