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Introduction to Ayurveda

Ayurveda in Kerala

Kerala is the spiritual and historical home to the healing system called Ayurveda, which in many ways is one of the original models for the world's other medical system systems such as Western Medicine.

Although Ayurveda is growing popular as an adjunct to beach resorts and five star hotels throughout India, the real mccoy is not simply a massage or two in the hotel spa, but rather a serious medical practice that can resolve many ailments and is potentially effective for the management of conditions such as obesity and muscular problems.

What is Ayurveda?

Explanation of Ayurveda and frameworks and methods

A quick answer to the question what is ayurveda. Some history and some explanation of underlying principles and practices.

What is Panchakarma

Explanation of Pancha Karma

A quick explanation of Panchakarma that is the most popular term for therapies offered in Kerala and is strongly associated with the state.

Ayurveda Guide Get Started

Quick introduction to Ayurveda

Start your journey into Ayurveda with this introductory article that explains the core ideas and leads you deeper into Ayurveda ideas and practices.

Ayurveda Treatments & Relevant Diseases

Our compendium of different Ayurveda Treatments & Diseases

Naming of Ayurveda Treatments in summary format with explanations and uses

Ayurveda & the Causes Of Diseases

How Ayurveda understands the cause of underlying diseases.

Ayurveda Aphrodisia

Understanding the attitude of Ayurveda towards sexuality

Ayurveda Health Care Disciplines

Understanding the eight branches or areas of Ayurveda

Diagnosis In Ayurveda

An introduction to diagnostic techniques in Ayurveda

Life & Health Factors

Life is sustained on three things – mind, self and body. Diet, sleep and control of senses are supportive things of the life. The balanced form of all these things contributes to the body growth and health.

Medical Four

Medical four consists of physician, medication, attendant and patient, the first being prominent among them.

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