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A quick introduction to the Dosha called Pitta which is the dosha associated with "heat".

Guide to Pitta dosha

Pitta means heat or that which produces heat. Role of Pitta which has fire is confined to stabilization or de-stabilization of the equilibrium of doshas of both the natures, perturbed or unperturbed. Perturbed pitta causes indigestion, anger, fear, abnormal heat, unnatural colour, delusion and the like.

Pitta produces thirst,appetite and promotes digestion.


Qualities of pitta

  • unctuous
  • hot
  • liquidy
  • sour
  • Unpleasant odour


Functions of pitta

  • a) Facilitates metabolism and hormone functions
  • b) Regulates temperature
  • c) Helps digestion
  • d) Understanding
  • e) Intelligent
  • f) Hunger and thirst
  • e) Perception
  • i) Colour and complexion
  • j) Anger
  • k) Hate
  • l) Jealousy


symptoms of pitta constitution

  • premature greyishness of hair
  • Good wisdom
  • excessive sweating
  • seeing fire in the dream.


Decrease in pitta

  • improper digestion
  • variation in body temperature
  • loss of body lustre


Increase in pitta

  • yellowishness
  • increase in body temperatre
  • desire for cold
  • less sleep
  • reduced power
  • coma
  • urine and stool become yellow


Main sites in the body of Pitta

It is situated mainly in the area between heart and umbilicus. Sweat, blood, lymph, eye, skin, stomach and upper part of small intestine, navel are the other seats of pitta.

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