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Weight Reduction Ayurveda at Kalari Rasayana

Luxurious Ayurveda Weight Reduction Programme near Kollam

A treatment  - Sthoulyagna Chikitsa - plan that works by increasing metabolism to burn off fats - essentially by burning excess Kapha. 14-28 day plans at Kalari Rasayana near Kollam.

Treatment for "obesity", sometimes called Sthoulya follows all the normal precepts of Ayurveda with a consideration of Kapha, Pitta and Vata Doshas and also the physical strength of the individual in terms of the rasa, rakta mamsa and the medo dhatus. As with all medical systems, treating obesity is hard and time consuming. As all individuals suffering from obesity acknowledge - it is not easy to lose weight and it is not easy to stay that way!

There is an expression in Ayurveda  - Karshyameva varam sthoulyam - which translates into English as "being lean is better than being obese" and that is the general principle of weight reduction to achieve the better state!

Sthoulya or obesity is possible to control. It is because  santarpana ( excess nutrition or calories) will lead to further medodhatu vruddhi which is the accumulation of adipose or fat tissues BUT, ayurveda recognises that fasting or apatarpana (starvation or extreme dieting) will not conquer the problem of tikshna agni bala (profound digestive activity) . Moreover, sthoulya persons will naturally be durbala (depleted) in energy due to improper nourishment of the Saptadhatus. That means that the obese or sthoulya person may not be able to withstand the effects of the depletion of nourishment caused by the extereme dieting. 

What is important for people undergoing this treatment is that they are not going to suddenly lose 10kgs in on month. Our treatment is the start of a process of slowly losing weight to achieve balance again. As you might have already experienced: sudden weight loss often leads to sudden weight gain thereafter!

One of the targets for the treatment programme is reduce low density lipid tissues which are what give you that "pendulous" appearance in different parts of your body. The plan is to get you started and then keep you inspired to continue to work towards the same goal over time. At first your face loses its weight and then bit by bit, other parts of the body follow!

Remember, weight loss is hard and the road long, but the goal when attained is fantastic. During the journey with us at Kalari Rasayana we will engage you with treatments, yoga and relaxation. We want you to leave your world behind and take this opportunity to make the physical changes to your life.

Our location beside the waters near Kollam is relaxing and inspiring. You can just sit and watch the waters lap and swirl and lose yourself in daydreams. Our doctors work with the chefs to ensure that you get exactly the correct diet to have an impact and for you to enjoy. Losing weight may be hard, but it does not need to be hell!

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14-28 days

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