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The Ayurveda Weight Loss Course

All Inclusive programme of Ayurveda in Kerala for Weight Loss

Our weight reduction programme is designed to stimulate weight loss and recalibrate your body. Available at different budgets and in different Ayurveda centres depending on your requirements. Read detailed description for information.

Our 2-4 week weight reduction programmes are available at a number of ayurveda centres in Kerala. We have selected them on the basis of quality and cost with the intention of offering a package that suits you at the appropriate price for you. 

Slimming therapy is specifically designed to reduce body weight and give good shape to body.

Includes special treatments like Udwartanam, Choorna Swedam, Dhanyamla Dhara, Virechana, Vasthi, Medicated steam bath etc and intake of herbal preparations. A strict special slimming diet is also advised along with few exercises.

The duration of treatment may vary from 90mins – 2hrs/ day for duration of 14-28 days.

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    Please make sure that you do not have thyroid and hormone imbalance problem, in that case the reduction in weight will be a slow process.

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Duration of treatment

14-28 Days


All Meals, Special Diet, Doctor's Consultation, Internal Medicines, External Medicines, Accommodation, All Taxes, Yoga


Listed Excursions, Follow-up Medicines, Airport Transfer

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