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Keeps the enzymes in the tissue cells in their normal condition.

Endows  with longevity,  memory, intellect, positive health, youth, excellent complexion, voice, strength of sensory and motor organs. The nerves and bones are kept soft and smoothened, the tranquilty of mind is promoted.

14 Days Panchakarma Package  at Anandam Ayurveda Resort has treatments included as Abhyanga, Swedana, (General body massage and steam bath), Shirodhara (Dripping oil over the forehead), Pizhichil (Oil Bath), Podikizhy (Powder bolus massage), Elakizhi, (Leaf bolus massage), Narangakizhy (Lemon bolus massage), Udwarthanam (Powder Massage), Chavutti thirummu (Foot Massage), Ksheeradhara, (Medicated milk bath), Njavarakizhy (Njavara rice bolus massage), Kateevasthi (Treatment for the back), Pichu (Localised joint treatment), Nasyam (Nasal Infusion), Virechanam (Medicated Purgation), Vasthi (Enema), Netrasekam (Eye treatment), Anjanam (Eye treatment), Nethra Tharpanam (Eye treatment), Karnadhoopanam (Fumigation of the ears), Kabalam (Mouth wash), Thalam and Herbal Facial.

The treatments would be selected from the above package and fixed by the   physician after consultation, according to the body constitution.The treatment session would be for more than two hours every day.Internal medicines would be prescribed and given by the physician.Special diet would be prescribed by the physician

Interested clients can participate in the yoga session at 7.00 Am

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