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  • Typical layout for a Kerala houseboat with captain in the bows and a large shaded day cabin for you to enjoy the views over the backwaters.
  • Collecting the rice from the paddy fields before transporting it to the jetties of Alappuzha for its journey around India. Hard work!
  • Example of the small single cabin traditional houseboat - single cabin sleeps two. This is the original size of the punted Kettuvallom. Click here to see more small houseboats.
  • Layout of a luxury houseboat shower/bath room. This one even has its own library (of sorts). This is not the typical bathroom we should warn.
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  • Example of the style of a standard houseboat cabin. Not quite so plush, but still charming. The Indian love of man-made blankets never ceasts to amaze!
  • The normally tranquil backwaters have their own rush hour as the local duck farmers herd their flock. No honking like in Mumbai, but lots of quacking!
  • Day Cabin of a Luxury houseboat - this one is all enclosed and suits visitors who find the heat a little too much. Its like a luxury cruise liner in miniature!
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  • Evening cruise across Vemnbanad to the Mooring - luxury houseboat with lit up day cabin
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  • The cabin aboard a luxury houseboat - perfect for two. Spacious but still cosy and nicely designed. The combination gently lapping waters and soft bed should make for sweet dreams!
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  • One of our favourite times of the day: the sun beginning to settle and the colours such a luxurious range of pineapple juice to gold. The ideal time for a sundowner of bacardi and fresh pineapple juice!
  • One of the local backwater buses as it makes it journey around the villages and communities of the Backwaters. Not what we would recommend for a day cruise but it gets the people around and the kids to school
  • A Table! Dinner table is set aboard a luxury houseboat with views over the backwaters in the distance. The enclosed day cabin ensure that those little critters can only watch from the windows!
    Click here to see more Luxury houseboat interiors.

All new three bed room Luxury houseboat released by 2012 mid.
Luxury Houseboat 4Luxury Houseboat 4Luxury Houseboat 4

Everything You Need to Know...

  • Included in Price: Overnight Air Conditioning, All Meals
  • Not included in Price: Alcohol Beverages
  • Facilities Aboard: Guide Books
  • Number of Cabins: 3
  • Sleeps: 6
  • Departure Time:: Alappuzha or Kumarakom
  • Departure Point: Alappuzha or Kumarakom
  • Drinks Served: Bottled Water, Sweet Coconut, Tea/Chai, Coffee, Fizzy Drinks
  • Meal Choices: Traditional Keralite

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