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Great Holidays in Kerala from the local Experts

Journeys of Mind, Body & Spirit in Kerala

Kerala is India's tropical playground. Although the smallest of India's states it is like an Indian curry filled with all sorts of delicious flavours and experiences. There is a little Goa, a little Tamil Nadu, a little Karnataka; Kerala is both modern and ancient. Home to some of India's most famous and venerable temples, it is also the foundation of India's long christian tradition including six churches that were founded by the apostle St Thomas. Journey inland and you encounter the tranquil rice paddies and inland waterways of the backwaters with their snail like Kettuvalloms that once carried rice to the coast and then around the world. Beyond, the land rises high into the Ghat Mountains and a mist-bedewed landscape of coffee, tea, spices filled with perfumes, tropical jungle wildflowers and, if you are truly blessed, tigers.

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What Karma Kerala Can Do for You http://www.karmakerala.com/what-is-special-about-karma-kerala.html http://www.karmakerala.com/what-is-special-about-karma-kerala.html

What Karma Kerala Can Do for You

Okay, so there are an awful lot of travel agencies working through Kerala, arranging hotels in kerala and the rest. We at Karma Kerala really want you to fall in love with Kerala and to have a holiday that will change your lives (good karma). That means meeting people, interacting with the culture and hopefully falling in love with India first and also Kerala - the spiritual heart of India. That is what we do: for couples, for groups, even for families (even disabled access).

  • You can use for advice - times, weather, will it suit, what to do, my wife...
  • You can ask us to arrange and book one of two pieces of the puzzle or
  • You can ask us to concierge the whole trip from arrival to departure.

We are based in Cochin with offices in UK as well. We sometimes work months out for plan-happy customers and sometimes with a day's notice. We are pretty relaxed either way. If you just don't know - ask us an see how we do!

You can call us, email us or use one of our forms and we hope that we can help you get the best from our little paradise corner of India.

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Where to Start? http://www.karmakerala.com/find-your-destination.html http://www.karmakerala.com/find-your-destination.html

Where to Start?

If you are coming for a holiday to Kerala - start in our Kerala Holiday section as it will serve as an inspiration to you. Our holidays come in lots of different shapes and sizes and that includes budgets. If you are time poor and money rich or vice versa - we can help.

Review some trips and then ask us to bespoke on for you. Indicate what you want to spend and we will tailor to your requirements.           Read More            

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Read the Guide http://www.karmakerala.com/read-the-guide.html http://www.karmakerala.com/read-the-guide.html

Read the Guide

If Kerala is all new to you.. why not start with a browse of the guide which tells a lot about many different facets of Kerala; when to visit, what to expect and how to prepare. Our guide contains multitudes on many things that don't interest about but us. We are collectors - one minute its a complete list Hindu temples, then it Vastu Shastra - eccentric. You can follow the lives, loves and arguments in our secret rural village or just trace your way around the state.
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Ayurveda http://www.karmakerala.com/ayurveda/ http://www.karmakerala.com/ayurveda/

On Ayurveda

For guests seeking ayurveda treatment in Kerala, we have a large guide on ayurveda and relationships with both Ayurveda Centres and Doctors. Most treatment courses last14 to 28 days. Anything less than that is fun but generally ineffective. Fun to try but not efficacious. If you have a specific purpose for ayurveda, then we recommend you fill in the detailed ayurveda form and we can proceed from there.
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