Relish tender coconut water sans any additives

No added flavours, no extra sugar and no preservatives. 

Chuck the colas and the addictive coffees. Instead, drink gallons of Tender Coconut Water while you holiday in Kerala. It is sweet and refreshing and is known to have nutritional qualities. Since coconut palms are abundant in Kerala, there is no dearth of tender Coconuts.

No added flavours, no extra sugar and no preservatives. It is as fresh and pure as they come. You will find tender coconut heaped at the roadsides by the vendors. After you drink the water, feast on the white flesh which is sweet, soft and filling. Tender Coconut water is light to digest, has a cooling effect and is rich in mineral salts.

Kerala is a land of coconuts and without sampling this natural wonder drink, no trip to Kerala will be complete. Tender coconut water is one of the most wholesome natural beverages for you to beat the tropical heat and it will keep you going the whole day with all your sight eeing trips as it has a caloric value of 17.4 per 100gm.

After a gruelling day at the beach, guzzle down these magical potions, to keep your body cool and to prevent prickly heat and summer boils. It is an excellent tonic for the old and the sick as well. This natural beverage of tender coconut water has almost the same level of electrolyte balance as the human blood, which makes it easily absorb-able.

Those of you who would like to experiment a bit can add some rose essence drops and crushed cardamoms. Voilà! You have flavoured tender coconut water!

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