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Only two families in Aranmula have this mirror making know-how, which has been handed down from generation to generation.

The priceless possession. The Aranmula mirror is made from an alloy of copper, white lead, silver and bronze mixed in a fixed ratio.This alloy is poured into a clay mould which is broken after cooling. This craft requires precision and care. At least 40% of the final product is damaged in the de-moulding process. After vigorous polishing for many hours,the mirror is fixed into an ornate brass frame with a handle. Sometimes the frame is mounted on a beautifully carved wooden stand.

These mirrors are unique to Aranmula: the only place in the world where this mirror is made.Only two families in Aranmula have the know-how which has been handed down from generation to generation. Queen Elizabeth owns one of these mirrors from Aranmula. This mirror is held aloft on two carved elephants and mounted on a carved wooden stand. The British Museum in London also possesses a 45 centimeter tall Aranmula metal mirror in its collection of artefacts.

This exquisite hand made mirror is thought to bring prosperity and luck to home and forms an auspicious item during special occasions like marriage. This metal mirror has a patent protected construction method, which makes it a unique keep sake object and a priceless gift item. Book at least one week in advance. Contact P Gopakumar :Phone – 0468-2319031 or 09847461462. The ordinary medium sized hand mirror costs around Rs 1000/- The stand mounted mirror will cost more.

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