Enjoy art and cultural events during Pooram

Experience the gaiety of a Pooram. Join in the excitement. 

Dozens of richly caparisoned elephants move in majestic procession. Typical temple music is played on traditional musical instruments. The skill of playing on each instrument has been handed down through generations.

The spectacular pageant of 30 caparisoned elephants and change of the ornate parasols (Kudamattom) a hotly contested item between the two temple teams is undeniably the star attraction of Thrissur Pooram

The swift and rhythmic changing of brilliantly coloured and decorated parasols is something that you need to experience all by yourselves. Brilliant pyrotechnics and an array of musical performances including the Chendamelam and the electrifying Panchavadyam are the other attractions. An ensemble of pomp and pageantry, Thrissur Pooram offers the quintessential charm of Kerala festivals.

The 'melam' includes around 80 drummers and an array of seasoned artists who are well versed in playing various instruments. 'Elanchithara Melam', which ensures three hours of frenzied musical beats that is held under the elanji tree in the afternoon, is a big attraction for music lovers. An air of competitive spirit transcends the atmosphere as musical beats fill the atmosphere.

In the evening, people carrying colourfully decorated umbrellas and 'Venchamaramas' on the caparisoned elephant backs add specks of glamour to this festival. The dazzling fireworks display starts at the wee hours of the concluding day of the festival and goes on for 3-4 hours. From high decibel crackers to fireworks that light up the sky in rainbow hues, innovative techniques are put to use during Thrissur Pooram. Every year you can rest assured to savour something new and innovative in this mega festival.

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