Percussion takes the frenzied route in Kerala

Kerala's repertoire of percussion music and instruments is world famous.

You can listen to the fascinating sounds of the percussion instruments or attempt to master the art of playing one.

Chenda : It is an important percussion instrument in temple festivals and classical art forms like kathakali. Chenda can produce musical notes that range from high to very soft notes, which makes it a versatile accompaniment in all cultural shows.

Chenda is typically hung from the shoulder of the player and can be played with stick in either both the hands or one hand.  The rhapsody of Chenda beats can be experienced at its best when it is played in the traditional musical band of Thayambaka. Chenda steals the limelight in many big festivals like the legendary Thrissur Pooram.  Though chenda demands many years of hard practice you can try a hand at this majestic percussion instrument that is so unique to Kerala.

Mizhavu : It is one of the largest percussion instruments used in Kerala and is played using the palms of both the hands. It resembles a huge pot in its appearance and is made by bronze or copper. This percussion instrument is traditionally played by the members of the Nambiar community and is an essential instrument during the performance of temple art forms like Kutiyattam and Koothu.

Maddalam: Made out of a single piece of hollow jack wood, it plays an important role in temple rituals and in performances like Kathakali. It is wrapped around the waist of the player and is played by both the palms.

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