Tastiest nuts - plain, roasted, salted or more

Cashew nuts come pricey, nonetheless at Kollam you can pick up these exotic nuts at rates that fall easy on your pockets.

Kollam is abundant in cashew factories. Raw, fried, grilled, salted or spiced - no matter what your choice is - you will like them. You will get premium quality cashew nuts at affordable rates at Kollam, which has many cashew processing units. If you are travelling by train through Kollam, you can see hoards of vendors selling cashew packets.

Cashew nuts are rich sources of proteins that provide twice the energy produced by the same quantity of meat or fish. India meets two thirds of the world demand for cashew and Kerala has a substantial Cashew nut cultivated pockets to its credit. Kerala was a leading exporter of cashew kernels since the 1920s and today, The Kerala State Cashew Association is the largest exporter of cashew nuts in the world. In the olden days, cashew nuts were processed in people’s homes or on the streets and were sold as hot cakes in markets.

Cashew nuts are graded as WW180, 210, 240, 320 & 450 according to quality and are hot favourites in the shopping list of any tourist. These delicious nuts make excellent gifts or mementos of this distant land of Kerala.  Kollam is undeniably the best place to buy cashew nuts  in Kerala, where you can lay your hands on premium quality nuts packed in various quantities and various flavours including spiced, buttered and salted. Spiced cashew nuts have shorter shelf life than raw or plain kennels. So, if you intend to keep it for a longer duration, we would recommend the plain variety.

Cashew nut is a popular seasoning agent for desserts. Believed to have been brought here by the Portuguese, Cashew nuts are commonly called the 'rich man's snack'. Nonetheless, at Kollam you can pick up these exotic nuts at rates that fall easy on your pockets.

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