The most ancient martial art in the world

Widely acclaimed as one of the most extensive personal combat forms and the oldest living martial art form

Kalarippayattu is the martial art of Kerala. Nimble men, with oil glistened bodies, armed with traditional weapons, practice their feats - chattom (jump), ottam (run) marichil (somersault), adi (strike), idi (punch), thada (defence) and payattu (assault). Venue: CVN Kalari, near Sripadmanabha Temple,Thiruvananthapuram or CVN Kalari at Nadakavu, near Kozhikode.

Widely acclaimed as one of the most extensive personal combat forms and the oldest living martial art form, which dates back more than 2000 years, Kalarippayat is synonymous with the culture and traditions of Kerala. This martial art form is indigenous to the Southern Indian state of Kerala and is feted as the Father of modern martial art, including kung-fu. There are two distinctive traditions in Kalaripayattu-the Northern and the Southern schools. Kalaris are traditional schools where this martial art form is taught by Gurukals.

Kalaripayattu requires many virtues like concentration, confidence and bravery apart from the physical abilities. Pupils above the age of seven can enrol in the kalari. Many years of rigorous training and continued regular practice are essential. Kalari trainees are given special massages using medicated oil to loosen up the muscles and to ensure flexibility. The Guru massages the trainees using his feet. Kalarippayattu is a unique and magnificent art of physical culture and self-defence that is exceptional to Kerala.

Some of the weapons that are used in Kalaripayattu include  Short stick, spear, dagger, sword and shield. A loin cloth of 5-6 feet in length and one feet wide is the traditional dress code of the kalari exponents. While on a visit to Kerala you cannot afford to miss this spectacular combat form, which will leave you astounded.

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