Crispy treats in coconut oil

These are good munchies to add fun during a movie or on sightseeing walks.

Ethakka (banana, hard flesh, 8 to 10” long and about 15” dia) chips, sarkara varatti (1/4” to ½” thick cut in halves of ethakka chips coated with jaggery and dried ginger), chakka (jack fruit) chips, tapioca chips, kuzhalappam (6” long 1” dia hollow fried rice snack), achappam (4” dia ¼” to ½” height with net-like big holes made using a mould, fried rice snack)and Murkku (circle shaped snack with a hole at the centre; made from rice flour).

All these snacks are made in coconut oil hence might not have a very long shelf life. Most of the snacks are made from seasonal fruits and vegetables that are easily available in Kerala. Banana chips are a rage for all seasons and form an essential item during Onam feasts and marriages.

These days, all types of ready made snacks are available in bakeries though in the past it was laboriously prepared by the women at home. There are many innovative fried items like Pappada vadas, which are nothing but pappadoms,dipped in a light batter of rice flour, cumin and sesame seeds to give it an added crunchiness. In addition, beans, carrot, yam and bitter gourd are also fried and used as snacks during special feasts.

Snacks are something that falls into any time of the day. Snacks are all time favorites in all Kerala homes during morning tea, lunch and dinner.

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