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Taste the different kinds of bananas of Kerala

Banana tree is one of the common plants in Kerala that are abundantly seen in courtyards of houses and grown in groves. 

There are various types of plantains in colours of yellow, green and red. Bananas are also used to decorate the venues of religious ceremonies and marriages.  The fruits, flower and leaves are used in various forms in Kerala. 

Raw bananas are used to make curries and can be fried to make crispy chips. Ripe bananas are either eaten fresh or boiled and served as a wholesome breakfast item. Ripe bananas when  cooked in ghee make a delicious jelly, which is used for making desserts in special occasions. You can try out the various lip smacking variations of this delicious and nutritious fruit that is so closely associated with this land. Did you know that the flowers and the soft inner trunk of banana plant are also eaten by Malayalis?

The high fibre content of bananas make it an excellent digestive aid which facilitates easy bowel movement. A major portion of banana is water, and it also contains sugar, potassium and vitamins A and C. Bananas are instant energy sources as well. So after a  back breaking trekking expedition through the Kerala hill tracts, you can easily pep up your energy level by popping this delicious fruit to get going the rest of the day. Banana is also used in custards and ice cream sundaes.

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