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Frothy tea poured from a metre high without spilling

This tea made in roadside makeshift stalls or mobile stalls and is a competent rival to a luxury hotel's tea. 

The stalls’ tea cost may be Rs 2.50 to 3 only. Watch the expert pouring the tea from a bowl to a glass by hand stretching to a length of a meter or more, blending it well and building up froth in the process. 

Often, the tea stall owner dons the multiple roles of cook and the counter boy. Apart from making this magic brew of 1 meter tea, he would keep an eye on the flames to ensure the right potency of the concoction. By looking at the colour of the serving he can make out whether it is time to change the tea bag or not. He will then take out the discoloured, wrinkly tea bag and put fresh tea leaves as the next batch of regulars troop in into these tea stalls. You need to specify how strong you like your tea best (strong, medium, light). 

Other variations include with or without milk/sugar. Malayalees like to drink his tea straight from the brass boiler and hence it is often served scalding hot. So make sure that you don't end up burning your lips while sampling this exotic brew, which demands expertise in its preparation. 

He pours the mixture of tea brew, sugar, milk and boiling water from glass to mug and back with unmatched swiftness as the tea stays stretched out to over a meter. As the tea and  mug flash past your baffled eyes, you will be surprised to note that not even a drop is spilled at the end of this whole act. By the end of the session, the drink would gather a nice and inviting slice of froth as you pick it up to savour. The fabled 1 meter tea is sweet!

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