Spicy mussel dishes offer a fresh take

From high-end restaurants to wayside shacks, you get this delicacy everywhere. 

In local language mussels is called kallummakkaya. Mussel collection is a tedious job, but watching it is fun. The collectors, mostly women, dive and float up with basket-full of freshwater mussel. Very delicious item.

The estuaries in Kollam and Kochi are especially famous for mussel cultivation.  Mussel collectors stand in chest-deep water and collect mussels using a small hand-net. Shells are typically collected during early morning during the low tides. It is indeed fun to watch the mussel collectors dive down to pop up with basket loads of these fresh water delicacies. After sourcing the meat, the outer shells are burnt in kilns to make lime.

Mussels are hot favorites of gourmets and while in Kerala, you should surely sample the all time favorite of 'arikadukka', which is a delicacy prepared by cooking mussel and rice flour in the shell. A must try item. All you need to do is to follow your nose to stumble upon the various shops dishing out the mussel delicacies. 

With an impressive coastline, Kerala boasts a typical menu that is monopolized with fish and seafood preparations. We recommend the marinated and spicy mussel pickles, normally served with salads. Another great bet is fried Mussels with onions, capsicum, tomatoes & spices. Try a plate of this lip smacking delicacy to pamper your palates. You can also pick up interesting mussel recipes that can be tried out back home. 

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