Things to Do in Kerala

Here is our list of 55 (and counting) things to do in Kerala while you are staying with us. Some won't take a minute and others require a little forethought. See how many you can tick off.

It started as twenty, then became thirty. Presently it stands at fifty five and will soon stand at 100 if we can get there.

A visitor has over 100 things to do. Well, you can at least attempt some of the 55 listed...

1 Ride the Symbol of India

Atop a tusker in Kerala

Feel high and mighty atop an elephant in the forests of Periyar...

10 Enjoy local art performances

Unique dance, music and art make Kerala intriguing

Kerala is rich in many local art forms such as Kathakali, Mohiniyattam and Theyyam.

11 Bathe in the Mountain Waterfalls

Waterfalls to splash around in the heat

The crystal clear waters that flow down the mountains of Kerala make a wonderfully refreshing shower.

12 Enjoy water sports

Surf, sail, kayak and more!

Kerala has bountiful beaches and rivers that are thronged by tourists for water sports.

13 Cruise in a houseboat

Cruise the backwaters in a houseboat, stay overnight

A houseboat cruise offers a wholesome 'Kerala' experience, right from getting a peek into the rural life to watching the fishermen at work. 

14 Savor Nature’s Refreshing Tonic

Relish tender coconut water sans any additives

No added flavours, no extra sugar and no preservatives. 

15 A Train Journey To Discover Kerala

Train ride on the Great Indian Railway

Gaze out of the window as the monsoon rains beat down on your face or experience the lively milieu inside the compartment.

16 Acquire an Aranmula Mirror

Pick up a true original piece of art

Only two families in Aranmula have this mirror making know-how, which has been handed down from generation to generation.

17 Treat Yourself To A Fireworks Display

Fireworks are part of the Kerala traditions but the temple ones are unique

Thrissur Pooram (festival) in April or early May is the venue of the largest fireworks display in Kerala. Traditions, age old customs, elephants with pomp and show all add to the festival's fireworks display.

18 Watch Thrissur Pooram - Kerala's Grandest Temple Festival

Biggest, loudest, grandest temple festival of Kerala

Feted as the mother of all festivals, Thrissur Pooram is undeniably the most colourful temple festival of Kerala. Percussion meets pomp with elephant parade, fighting deities and pride all make it a spectacle like no other.

19 For The Art Lovers

Buy a painting from Kerala

Add creative elegance to the walls of your lovely home with these original paintings from the distant land of Kerala.

2 Forest trek

Trek the forests of Kerala

Go adventure trekking in Periyar Tiger Reserve at Thekkady.

20 Watch Theyyam

Discover the divine occult temple ritual of North Kerala

The oldest ritual art of Kerala, Theyyam invokes the temple deity with frenzied dance. It is a common feature of temples in North Malabar. 

21 Island Hop in the Backwaters

Island hopping

Visit the innumerable islands or sail through the lagoons. 

22 Enjoy The Temple Music Of Kerala – Panchavadyam

Percussion and orchestra of a different kind

You can catch up with the mesmerizing spell of panchavadyam recitals during a temple festival or religious processions.

23 Pooram (Temple Festival) Spectacles

Enjoy art and cultural events during Pooram

Experience the gaiety of a Pooram. Join in the excitement. 

24 Try A Hand at Percussion Music

Percussion takes the frenzied route in Kerala

Kerala's repertoire of percussion music and instruments is world famous.

25 Eat Cashew Nuts

Tastiest nuts - plain, roasted, salted or more

Cashew nuts come pricey, nonetheless at Kollam you can pick up these exotic nuts at rates that fall easy on your pockets.

26 Live In A Tree-House

Be one with nature living in a tree house near the forest

Fulfill your desire to be with nature; stay in tree-house at Thekkady or in any wildlife sanctuary. The sweet scent of forest flowers will refresh your nerves and mind.

27 Unwind On The Sun Kissed Beaches

Relax and enjoy water sports

Kerala has some of the best beaches in the world. 

28 See How Coir Is Spun, Give It A Try

Watch coconut fibre craft

Watch mesmeric fingers at work with a traditional hand spindle, turning coconut fibres into long ropes.

29 Go Mountain Climbing

Climb mountains in Wayanad and Munnar

Climb up a mountain, get a bird's eyeview, communicate with nature. Chembara peak, 6890 ft from sea-level, is an ideal spot. It is in Vaithiri in Wayanad.

3 Chinese fishing nets

Make quite the sight in the waters of Kerala

You can help at the nets in For Cochin, but it is most fun during the rainy season with a real fisherman, catching actual fish.

30 Watch The Martial Art Of Kerala Kalarippayattu (Martial Art)

The most ancient martial art in the world

Widely acclaimed as one of the most extensive personal combat forms and the oldest living martial art form

31 Have Fun Paragliding

Enjoy a bird's eye view of lush green Kerala

Swoop over the lush green hills of Munnar on a paraglider.

32 Taste Kerala’s Own Fried Crunch Snacks

Crispy treats in coconut oil

These are good munchies to add fun during a movie or on sightseeing walks.

33 Don’t Forget To Taste The World’s Best Breakfast

Cheap as chips and high on variety

Kerala’s breakfast spread – Idli, dosa, masala dosa, vellayappam, uppuma, puttu. The cost is down cheap. 

34 Taste The Irresistible Drink – Madhura Kallu

Freshly tapped sweet toddy

Do not forget to ask us to arrange a bottle of freshly tapped madhura kallu. Sweet toddy extracted from coconut palm is a must-do in Kerala.

35 Visit The Snake Park

See the King Cobra

The snake park at Parassinikadvu in Kannur is the only snake park in India. 

36 Boat Cruise and Meal in Alappuzha Backwaters

Backwater cruise in Alappuzha

A traditional Kerala lunch with a rich smattering of seafood and fresh fish is served for lunch as the cruise 

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