Adidyapuram Suryadeva Temple

Adithyapuram Temple
Eravimangalam P.O
Muttuchira,Kaduthuruthy kottayam
PIN 686613

phone:04829 283112 / 8547135712 / 9495235978


Adidyapuram Suryadeva Temple

Adityapuram is located near Iravimangalam. The deity is Suryan (sun). Like in other temples here too sub-deities occupy prominent position. Sastha, Durga and Yakshi are the sub-deities.

Sun worshipping temples in Kerala and India are very few. In some temples sun god has endeared as sub-deity. This Suryadeva (sun god) temple is believed to have been raised by Manangat Mana, a Brahmin family. The main ritual is Abhishekam (bathing). In the first stage the Abhishekam is performed by oil and Abhishekam by water followed. It is a surprise that after pouring of water for Abhishekam there will be no trace of oil on the idol.

The west facing Sun god is in meditation state. Years after, an idol of Devi, facing east, is also installed in the same sanctum sanctorum. This temple was glorified much after the installation of Devi, the devotees testify.

Rekthachandanam (medicinal sandalwood) is the main Prasadam (homaged and blessed ritualism stuff to the devotees).

Sundays are considered auspicious here. Last Sunday of Vrischikam (October/November) and Medam (May/June) (glory of the Sun is at peak during these months) are considered more auspicious and special ceremonies and rituals performed.

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