Age of Swaroopams & Naduvazhis

12th Century history

A period in Kerala history around the 12th Century when the state was divided into different regions and states

Swaroopams & Naduvazhis

After the end of the Perumal rule in the beginning of the 12th century, the Naduvazhis came in to force. Basically Naduvazhis means the territorial divisions which consisted of nadus further ruled by naduvazhis, which were divided into desams ruled by desavazhis who were directly under naduvazhis and subject to their dictation.

At that time Kerala was split into a number of small kingdoms and principalities which were known as Swaroopams.

There were four major kingdoms during that time Kolathunad, Kozhikode, Perumpadappu (Kochi) and Venad, and other principalities which were Swaroopams.

The different swaroopams were Elayidathu Swaroopam, Odanad Swaroopam, Purakad Swaroopam, Thekkumhur Swaroopam, Vadakkumkur Swaroopam, Alengad Swaroopam, Parur and few others were also there.

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