Celestial Ambrosia that has mythological link to Ayurveda in Kerala

Amrit has a lot to do with the Indian Mythology, Amrit (celestial ambrosia) was obtained by churning the ocean. It is obtained by the direction of Lord Brahma, who guides the Gods the way to get it. The task was so great that Gods decided to take help of the Asura (demons) to complete the task. After great difficulty the ocean finally gave up and the amrit was obtained. The myth says that amrit makes one immortal.

Vishnu, the preserver has to take the guise of Mohini an enchantress, the most alluring female imaginable, to preserve the amrit and make the asuras be deprived of the immortal power. She wooed the asuras and decided to let her distribute the amrit, and promise to abide by her decision. Mohini promptly distributes the amrit among the devas and keeps the asuras from getting any.

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