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Some general therapies proposed by Ayurveda for some common conditions


Common Cold

Causative factor of common cold is viral infection. Watering of nose, blocking of nose, mild fever, burning of eyes etc are the general symptoms. 3 or 4 steam inhalations of 6 drops of lavender or 10 drops of eucalyptus oil in 250 ml water will cure the cold. Massage with 5 drops of lavender oil mixed in10 ml olive oil is also a remedy. Baths with tea tree or eucalyptus oil speed up the cure.

Dry Cough

The cough – dry cough or productive cough – is caused by respiratory problems. Steam inhalation of 6 drops of frankincense or marjoram oil gives relief in normal case. Chest massage with 2 drops of lavender or benzoin oil accelerates the relief.

Productive Cough

Chest massage with 2 drops of thyme or eucalyptus oil provides relief.


Influenza is caused by viral infection and it affects respiratory tract. Running nose, body ache, headache, high temperature etc are the symptoms. Steam inhalation of lavender, juniper, cypress, or eucalyptus oil is a fine cure if it is in the initial stage. Bath in lemon oil added warm water speeds up the cure. When the fever retreats massage with 2 drops of lavender or mint oil in 50 ml base oil helps subside muscle aches.

Bad Breath

Mouth wash with 4 drops each of lavender and tea tree oils added to one cup of water helps reduce the problem. Keep digestive system and oral hygiene in order always.


Asthma is a respiratory problem. Massage on chest, neck and back with 3 drops of chamomile, lavender, frankincense or lemon oil added to 15 ml base gives relief.


Breathlessness and persistent dry cough are the main symptoms. It is caused mainly by dust or smoke allergens. If not treated timely it may create upper respiratory tract infection causing pharyngitis or influenza. Steam inhalation of 3 drops of lavender, thyme, eucalyptus or tea tree oil added to two cups of water gives relief. Chest massage with 2 drops of lavender oil mixed with 10 ml base oil will loose the phlegm which in turn helps relieve chest congestion.

Allergic Rhinitis

The allergens like pollens, dusts etc cause inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose which is called allergic rhinitis. Watering of eyes and running rose are the symptoms. Like cold, it is not a contact disease. Steam inhalation of frankincense, chamomile or benzoin solves the problem. Chest massage or compress with any of these oils is also remedy.


Inflammation in mucous membrane is what is called sinusits. Steam inhalation of 5 drops of eucalyptus, marjoram, mint or orange oil added to 500 ml water is a proven remedy for sinusits.


Infection caused throat inflammation is known a pharingitis. Itching senstion in throat and upper respiratory tract, pain in throat etc are the symptoms. Steam inhalation of lavender, benzoin or lemon oil helps ease the problem. For reducing the congestion gargle with 2 drops of lavender oil added to a large cup of warm water.


Inflammation of the voice box is known as laryngitis. Hoarseness of voice, cough, sore throat etc is the symptoms. To ease the problem massage chest, neck, shoulder and back with the blend of 2 drops each of cypress and lemon oils and 25 ml base oil. Steam inhalation of sandal or bengoin oil will also ease the problem.


Headache is symptom of some other complaints such as migraine, hyper acidity, strain on eyes, cluster headaches, dental decay etc. If the headache is persistent and severe, aromatherapy may not work as its cause may be of a serious disease. In other cases, head massage with one drop each of lavender, clary sage and rosemary oil and 10 ml of base oil will be helpful. The massage should cover scalp, forehead, temples, neck and shoulders.


For severe depression aromatherapy is no solution. For other than severe, massage with blend of 2 drops each of orange and lavender oil and 15 ml base oil. Baths with clary sage and geranium are also helpful.


Massage with 1 drop each of lavender and rose oils with 10 ml base oil. The massage with geranium or marjoram helps relax muscle strain.


Pain along the route of nerve or nerves is known as neuralgia. It is generally present in diseases like sciatic, herpes etc. Massage with one drop each of lavender, geranium and chamomile oils added to 10 ml base oil on affected area helps ease the problem. If the problem is in large areas like sciatic nerve, have warm bath with rosemary, lavender or marjoram oil as an additional treat.

Herpes Zoster

Burning sensation and pain accompanied by inflammation along the route of nerves and blisters are known as herpes zoster. This is caused by viral infection. This disease is also known as Shingles. Apply one or two drops without any dilution on the blistering. Bath in warm water with lavender or bergamol oil also helps ease the problem.


Habitual sleeplessness is known as insomnia. It is caused by various reasons. Perennial anxiety, perennial depression etc may also cause insomnia. Inhalation or massage with lavender oil gives good result. Few drops of lavender oil scattered on pillows also helps ease the problem as the lavender oil works when it inhaled during the sleep. Massage with 2 drops each of chamomile and marjoram oils added to 15 ml base oil also helps. Bath before going to bed in warm water added with lavender and clary sage oils also mitigates the problem.


Loss or lack of appetite is known as anorexia. Massage on stomach with 2 drops each of chamomile and mint oils mixed in10 ml base oil helps simulate appetite. Bath in warm water mixed with chamomile oil also improves appetite.


Indigestion is known as dyspepsia. Flatulence, nausea, abdominal pain etc are the symptoms. Stomach massage with one drop each of chamomile, lemon and fennel oils mixed in 10 ml base oil helps mitigate dyspepsia. Avoid cold water and consume warm water.


Colic - spasmodic abdominal pain - is usually found in babies. This is caused due to flatulence and imbalanced digestion. Massage abdomen with one drop each of chamomile, fennel and mint oils mixed in 10 ml sesame oil.


Inadequate passing of stools and/or obstructed outflow of stools is known as constipation. Eating of fiber-rich vegetable, fruits and drinking of more water will help mitigate the problem. Massage of abdomen with 2 drops each of lavender and rosemary oils added to 5 ml base oil is helpful.


The gas trapped in abdomen is flatulence or more commonly known as gas trouble amongst common people. Gas-prone individuals are better advised to consume gas emitting food items such as pulses, roots, brinjal etc much less. Exercise or walking briskly helps mitigate the gas problem. Abdominal massage with one drop each of tangerine, marjoram and mint oils mixed in 5 ml base oil helps ease the problem.


Vomitting usually occurs due to dyspepsia, hepatitis, hyper acidity, pregnancy etc. Vomitting may also be a symptom of some serious diseases like tumor. For vomiting in normal cases, warm compress with 2 drops each of chamomile and lavender oils with 10 ml base oils is helpful.


Heartburn is experienced either after consumption of food or in empty stomach condition. For heartburn after food consumption, warm compress the chest using one drop each of chamomile, lemon and fennel oils mixed in10 ml base oil. For empty stomach heartburn, cold compress the chest with one drop each of chamomile, lavender and fennel oils added to 10 ml base oil.

Urinary Incontinence

Inability to control urine is known as urinary incontinence. In older children it may be in the form of bed-wetting. Massage with 3 drops each of pine oil and cypress oil added to 20 ml base oil is helpful to activate the urinary sphincter. Reduce the quantum of water intake.

Urinary Tract Infection

Chilling fever, pain in lower abdomen, frequent and burning misturition etc are the symptoms of urinary tract infection. As the female urethra is shorter and wider is easily infection-friendly, girls are more prone to this complaint than the boys. Massage on stomach with 2 drops each of chamomile and lemon oils added to15 ml base oil helps cleanse the system. Hot compress on lower abdomen with 2 drops each of lavender, sandal and juniper oils mixed in 20 ml base oil mitigates the pain.

Fluid Retension Fluid retention is reflected in swelling in different parts of the body due to excess fluid gathered outside the cells. Massage in the affected parts wih 2 drops each of rosemary, geranium and juniper added to 15 ml base oil is very helpful. Exercise and reduce intake of salt through the foods are helpful to drain the excess water.

Kidney Stones

Hot bath with lemon grass, sandalwood and juniper berry is helpful. More important, drink maximum quantity of water, especially coconut water, barley water etc. Nuts, soyabean, peas, milk etc is to be avoided as far as possible.


Wash the affected parts with warm water and soap 3 or 4 times a day. Massage with the blend of lavender, geranium and sandal oil added to rose water or aloe vera gel.


Itching is the characteristic of eczema. Itching leads to scratching and scratching leads to lesions and lesions leads to the oozing of the fluid. Massage with chamomile, geranium or melissa oil diluted in base oil in the affected parts provides cure. Chamomile oil is more effective. In case the fluid has started oozing, apply hot compress with lavender and juniper oil diluted in base oil.


Application of chamomile and lavender oils directly on the boils helps solve the problem. Hot compress with tea tree and bergamot oils are also a cure.


Silvery scaling of the skin, redness and thickening are the symptoms. In some cases there may be itching. Massage in the affected area with 2 drops each of chamomile, jasmine and neroli oils in 20 ml of sweet almond base oil. To relieve the stress have baths using warm water mixed with lavender and patchouli oils. For persons who are hypersensitive to oils, it is advisable to have a patch test before the commencement of the massage.

Fungal Infection

Itching, foul smell, white discoloration etc are the symptoms. Legs, hands, torso, head etc may be affected. Athlete's foot is the most common fungal infection. Apply tea tree oil diluted in base oil on the affected parts or compress with diluted tea tree oil. Bath in warm water mixed with myrrh oil accelerates the cure. Ensure air is freely posted to the affected parts by using cotton fabrics only.


Apply 2 drops each of tea tree and tangerine oils mixed in 10 ml base oil. For oily scalp add 2 drops of cypress oil in the blend.


Massage the scalp in the evening with the blend of 2 drops each of lavender, rosemary and clary sage oils added to 5 ml each of sweet almond oil and castor oils and one vitamin E capsule. Let the oil remain in the scalp throughout night. Wash in the morning, using vegetable shampoo. For oily scalp use any two of lavender, clary sage, cypress and lemon oils. For dry hair use any two of rosewood, sandal, chamomile and vetiver oils.

Muscular Cramps

It is a winter special complaint affecting thigh and calf muscles. Massage with 2 drops each of rosemary, marjoram and peppermint oils mixed in 15 ml base oil or compress with the same blend. For exercise induced cramps, make the blend of clary sage, rosemary, juniper and base oil.


Arthritis is characterized in the inflammation of joints. There are various causes for arthritis. The arthritis treat is cause-based. As a general remedy, massage the affected area with warm blend of cypress, lemen, juniper and base oils. If the joints are swollen, compress the joints with the blend of juniper, rosemary and base oil.


Inability of man to sustain or achieve erection in reasonable duration is known as impotence. Keeping of the body always healthy is the prime requirement here. Massage the penile with one drop each of sandal, ylang ylang and jasmine oils added to 5 ml base oil. Do not massage the scrotum as it will decrease the potency of sperms. Warm water bath with the above blend will mitigate the impotency.

Menstrual Disorders

Dysemenorrhoea: Painful menses are known as dysmenorrheal. This is caused as a result of congestion and spasm in abdominal muscles at the time of menses. Massage in the lower abdomen with 2 drops each of lavender, marjoram and rose oils added to10 ml base oil helps de-congestion and relaxation of spasm. As an alternative, hot compress the lower abdomen with some blend.

Oligomenorrhoea: In the menstrual cycle scarce bleeding takes place in the first two days and the cycles will be longer. Massage the lower abdomen with rose oil mixed in base oil. As an alternative with less value, massage with the blend of lavender, juniper and base oil. If no respone is produced, the cause factors such as anemia have to be corrected with different massages.

Menorrhagia: This is characterized by heavy bleeding during the menstrual period. This can happen as a routine cause or as a symptom of hidden serious diseases such as uterus cancer, uterine fibroids etc. For routine cause created, massage lower abdomen with 2 drops each of rose and cypress oils mixed in10 ml base oil. Warm water bath with the same blend will accelerate relief.

Hot Flushes

Hormonal changes happen during peri-menopausal period of the women. Owing to this, hot flushes are experienced. Excessive heat feeling and sweating few seconds and their disappearance after few minutes, depression, mood swings etc are the symptoms. Massage with blend of 2 drops each of rose, lavender and chamomile oils diluted in base oil. Warm water bath with jasmine oil helps alleviate mood swings and depression.


The inability to experience orgasm is known as frigidity. This is mainly women-oriented. Before inter-course bath with warm water mixed of sandal, rose and ylang ylang oils will mitigate the problem.

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