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Kalpetta: Kalpetta town is the headquarters of Wayanad district. The famous Ananthaswami Jain temple is located at Paliyar Mala (hill), 6 km from Kalpetta. The town is centre for hill produces.

Vythiri: 62 km from Kozhikode. Similar hills. Similar gorges. Similar ravines. Hill stations and water falls all around the region, a hangout of tourists. The green blanketed misty hills purify the mind, soul and body. Waynad is known for coffee, tea, spices and vanilla cultivations. Vythiri is a little town and the tourist spots are within 40 km radius. Rikshwas and Jeeps are the available modes for transportation. Better stay near Kalpetta, the capital of Waynad....Click here to see more

Muttanga Wildlife Sanctuary:The southern portion of the Wayanad reserve, located 40km east of Kalpetta is known as Muthanga wild life sanctuary( 6-10am & 3-5pm). Noted for its dry deciduous forests it is noted for elephants, bear, tigers and deer. Trekking in the sanctuary is allowed only during morning slot and hiring a guide is mandatory for the three hour route. The highway from Kalpetta to Mysore and Bandipur passes through this part of the sanctuary, and if you are lucky, you can see wild elephants crossing the road on ancient migratory trails. Kalpetta guide

Suchipara Falls: 22 km away from Kalpetta. The road leading to the Falls is coiled through tea gardens The motorable road ends before 1.5 km of the Falls, leaving rest for walk. The three-pronged equatorial forest-hidden Falls are breathtaking.

Kanthanpara Falls: From a particular point of Suchipara this beautiful Falls can be watched as white thinner.

Meenmutty Falls: 29 km from Kalpetta, off Ooty Road. A 2 km forest trek to the Falls awards jolt and joy. The Falls have a triple-decker effect as it nose-dive from a height of 1000 ft. A thrilling experience to pack home.

Pookote Lake: Just 1 km from Vythiri. A hangout of holiday makers. Pack in the fun of boat cruise and kayaking. Check in to the nearest Uruvu Eco Shop, moor to the bamboo products and be tempted to pocket gift-packs of forest honey, spices and pickles.

Karalad Lake: This Lake is located at Thariode, north of Pookote Lake, 6 km from Vythiri. Though this is a less known Lake, the quietness of the area is rewarding. There is boating facility in the Lake. Trekking along the scenic path is exciting. A seven-acre spread Anchor and enjoy nature’s unlimited contribution.

Chempara Peak: Not far away from Vythiri. The tallest peak in the region. 5 hours’ trek schedule to crown the 6890 ft giant. A mid-trek consolation; washout the exhaustion in a crystal clear lake-water at 4921 ft up enroute. For many, Chambara is an obsession. DTPC organizes trek to the peak. 2-day package with food and sleeping bag-tented accommodation....Click here to see more

Lakkidi: Lakkidi is 5-km away from Vythiri and 17-km from Kalpetta and positioned at 2296 ft above sea level. Rightly, it is the gateway of Wayanad. Photo-crazy people consider it a life-time chance to snap different shots. The camera will come out from the hide and focus surely at the serpentine flow of the road shaped out from Thamarassery Ghat....Click here to see more

Sulthan Bathery: A scenic beauty. Sulthan Bathery was once known as Ganapathivattom (circle of Ganapathi. Here the Ganapathi is Lord Ganapathi). Tipu Sultan along with his army marched and stored the arms in a 13th century-old Jain temple here. The name was changed thereafter to Sulthan Bathery. Green trekkable mountains, jungle trails and exhilarating caves of Neolithic Age – all these add glamour to Sulthan Bathery. Located on NH 212, connecting Kozhikode to Mysore. The town is near the borders of Tamilnadu and Karnataka States....Click here to see more

Edakkal Caves: Located on Ambukuthy hill near Ambalavayal. The caves still remain a mystery to the archaeologists. The carvings are of Neolithic Age and Mesolithic Age. The caves were discovered by the then Superintendent of Police of Malabar, Fred Fawcett. During a hunting trip to Ambukuthy mountain range in 1890 he noticed a Neolithic stone axe in a coffee estate. Curiosity led him to a rock-shelter on the 1001 ft high mountain and chanced upon drawings and the cave. The cave is on two levels and the drawings were in the second level. Scores of artists might have put in their ceaseless efforts months or years together to make the carvings realistic. A human figure with headgear, a human figure on wheeled cart and some male and female figures are outstanding among 15 engravings on two walls. Images of a tribal king and queen, a deer and an elephant are also there to greet the visitors. The hilltop spares exciting views. Hillocks and green forests stick to the heart....Click here to see more

Heritage Museum: Located at Ambalavayal. A tribal-life oriented museum. The collections mainly are from Wayanad district. Potteries of Megalithic Age, musical instruments, bangles, ear ornaments and hunting traps are the major items on display.

Chethalayam Falls: Situated 12-km away from Sulthan Bathery. In summer the Falls disappear as the waterholes shrink. The visit in summer however is rewarding for it is a much loved place for trekking.

Lower Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary: Located 17-km away from town in rain forest Muthanga. Muthanga is part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve in Karnataka State. Due to the shrinkage of wasterholes in summer wild animals like leopards, sambhar, cheetal etc are rarely noticed. Elephants and deers are nevertheless are on easy....Click here to see more

Thirunelly: Located in north Wayanad, 34-km away from Mananthavady. Thirunelly is known as Hindu faithfuls’ ardent champion and more as a heal station. Narinirangimala (tiger stretching mountain) lies in the south and Karimala (black mountain) in the west. God-blessed setting all around. Its enthralling and scenic beauty once imbibed can never be erased from the mind.

Thirunelly Temple: Brahmagiri hill can rightly be called the patron of Thirunelly temple. The deity here is Vishnu. The Papanashini stream flows close-by where devotees’ sins wash away. Thirunelly known as Thenkashi (Kashi of the South) is like Gaya in Bihar where the rites conducted for the emancipation of the departed is considered as ultimate and complete. The temple is also famous for Puthrakameshti (praying for sons) and marriage-fullfilment rites. The 3000-year old shrine is shielded by 30 unpolished granite columns. There is an aqueduct in the side to tap the Papanashini stream....Click here to see more

Papanashini (sin’s destroyer): There is an interesting tale behind the stream attaining the power to ward off sins. When Garuda (eagle) was flying with Amritakumba (pot of nectar), Brahma was in the process of consecrating Vishnu’s idol at Thirunelly. Garuda noticed it and circled over the ceremony and dropped few drops of Amrita to the stream. Thereby the stream attained purifying power.

Pakshipathalam (cave of birds): After dropping Amrita in the stream the Garuda, tired of long flight, perched on the Karimala. There is a small eagle shaped projection where the Garuda perched. This rock is now known as Garudapara (rock of Garuda). The Garuda is considered as the king and guardian of the birds. Pakshipathalam is a rock cave at the north end of Brahmagiri hill where various species of birds camp. The trek from Thirunelly through dense forests consumes 3 hours for 7-km coverage. The bird lovers intending stay should take camping equipment and a forest guide along. 4-km deep into the trek there is a watchtower offering vast bird-watching opportunity. Permission from DFO at Mananthavady is necessary to visit Pakshipathalam. DTPC, Kalpetta, organizes group (10) tours at Rs 3000 with food, transport, and guide. During monsoon Pakshipathalam cannot be accessed as the trail is slippery. In summer forest fires recur, forcing the authorities to close Pakshipathalam from February to May-end.

Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary: 13-km away from Thirunelly, on the road to Kodagu in Karnataka. Tholpetty Sanctuary is at one end of Muthunga. The Lower Sanctuary of Muthunga and Tholpetty Sanctuary constitute Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. The Sanctuary has elephant population of over 900. Plus other wildlife including spotted deer, bison, boar, and langurs among others. A guide is available at entrance. The forest department has arranged two hour jeep safaris into the park ( daily 7am-9am & 3-5pm). A guide is mandatory. Guided treks are also available( daily 8am -1pm)

Mananthavadi: Mananthavadi is located north east of Wayanad at a height of about 500 metres above sea level. The verdant forests deliver scenic beauties. Mananthavadi has a historic back- ground of being the last resting place of Pazhassi Raja.

Begur Wildlife Sanctuary: This Sanctuary with variety of animals is located 20 km east of Manathavadi.

Kuravadweep (Kurava isle): An amazingly stream-water trekking paradise uncovers in 950-acre dweep (island). Barring Katunayika tribe, no trace of any other inhabitants. Modernity is fenced out and civilisation is like a prohibited stuff here. Once in, the visitors may feel they are denizens of the jungle. Shallow streams, marshy patches, dead woods – all these are to be trekked. Yet all these are fun, coming across rarely in the life. Running streams are impatient to bath the mired guests, while the lovely mild sun is ready to warm up. The rustles of dead leaves, melody of the streams and mellow calls of the birds will ring in the ears even days and days after the visit.

Green Gate Hotel in Kalpetta organizes trekking and camping at Kuravadweep for Rs 2800 per day inclusive of everything. They take in groups of 5. The facility includes 3 guides, one a tribal, among other things.

Panamarom: Panamaram is situated 29 km away from Sulthan Bathery. Panamaram is where the Pazhassi Raja had his fort. At present only its remnants are there.

Ambalavayal: Ambalavayal is near Ambukuthi hill region. A Heritage Museum in Ambalavayal is associated with tribal life in Wayanad. Terracotta figurines collected from different parts of Wayanad, pottery of Megalithic Age, hunting traps, bangles, ear ornaments and the musical instruments used by the Wayanad tribes are neatly showcased. This is considered as one of the best Heritage Museums in Kerala.

Monsoon Tourism in Wayanad: The lashing monsoon rains with their exotic rhythms attract tourists to the district during monsoon. Situated at an altitude between 700 and 2000 metres above sea level on the Western Ghats the mist-clad hilly terrain of Wayanad offers ideal get-away spots accompanied by the musical rains.

The concept of monsoon tourism is picking up, especially among new generation. Many tourists opt to come exclusively to enjoy the rains. The right spot to enjoy varied facets of the rain is Lakkidi, once known as the Cherrapunji of the South. To cater to the rain lovers umpteen number of resorts like Vythiri Resorts, Rain Country Resorts, Jungle Park and the like are ready in Vythiri and around.

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