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Ayurveda Obesity Treatment Plans

Summary of typical weight reduction treatment

A short summary of a typical ayurveda weight reduction treatment plan

Ayurveda Treatment for Obesity

Considered as the physiological condition under risk. In obese patients, only medho dhatu ( fatty tissue ) gets nourished, and when in excess gets deposited in body parts .The associated conditions in obese people such as increased appetite, excess sweating, body odour, general fatique, exercise intolerance are all due to the vitiation of excess medho dhatu at different tissue level.

Treatment for Obesity:

Ayurveda focuses on the therapy which help in liquefying the excess fat. This is named as Udwartana - Massaging the bodywith warm coarse powder in reverse direction , from foot to head.

Sample Treatment Plan

Day 1 at Hospital - Consultation with Doctor .Your vital signs will be recorded. Digestive capacity and Prakriti( body Composition) will be accessed. The duration of the treatment will be planned accordingly.

Day 2 - Treatment starts with Udwartana therapy (eg: Yava kola kulatha choornam)

Day 9 - Complete Rest .

Day 10 - Discussion with the doctor on your improvement. The change in body weight will be recorded . The Improvements in body flexibility , strength will be discussed.

The Typical Day

Pancha karma is a draining treatment which leaves you feeling tired before you feel reenergised again.

As a result your day is relaxing and calming with few external distractions. Ayurveda and tourism dont really go together.

Days vary according to the treatments that you are undertaking. But this is a typical one.

  • Before breakfast. wake up with some internal medicine and possibly gentle yoga
  • Breakfast of vegetarian foods (as always with ayurveda)

Length of Treatment

Different packages of 7 days, 14 days, 28 days are available .This is based on the grade of obesity . There will be steam bath after the main procedure. While stay in hospital food will be provided to you on doctors advice.

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