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Ayurveda Remedies for Acne

Manage Acne the Ayurveda way

Simple remedy proposed by Ayurveda practitioners for the treatment and amelioration of Acne

Ayurveda Solutions

This is a skin disease occurring mostly during puberty. In this period many hormonal changes occur in the body. The hormonal changes result in stepped up activation of the glands that secret natural oil and with it lubricate the skin. Owing to excess sebum and action of bacteria the glands and hair follicles get blocked. Following this, sebum accumulates in the blocked glands and thrust out later. That is acne.

Remedies :

  1. Wash the face frequently with warm water and good quality toilet soap.
  2. While washing the head use ayurvedic shampoo on alternate days.
  3. Apply a face pack made of triphala, manjushtha, sandal, turmeric and rose. If there is irritation on face after application wash the face immediately and apply coconut oil on the face and wash it away when the irritation subsides. If there is no irritation on applying the f ace pack allow it to remain till it dries. After drying, wash the face. Repeat it few days.

Precautions :

  1. Consume enough fruits and fiber-rich leafy vegetables.
  2. Drink enough water.
  3. Avoid spicy, oily and fatty foods.
  4. Avoid squeezing or pricking the pimples. If the pimples burst on their own use a sterilized towel to mop and wash the face with warm water.

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