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Ayurveda Remedies for Cholelithiasis (Gall Bladder Stone)

Cholelithiasis (Gall Bladder Stone)

The gall bladder is positioned underneath the liver which some times develop stones. In the pass of time the stones grow in number and size. The stones are made of cholesterol, calcium or bile pigments. In majority of the cases they are cholesterol made.

Nausea, vomiting, excessive pain in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen, pain radiation to the back, right, shoulder and thorax (in advanced stage) etc are the symptoms.

Remedies :

a) Drink lemon juice water intermittently.

b) Mix 2 teaspoons of tulsi juice in one teaspoon of honey and consume thrice a day at this rate.

c) Take 3 gm of dry ginger powder, 4 gm powder of long pepper and 4 gm powder of black pepper and mix with lemon juice thrice a day.

Precautions :

a) Ensure bowl habits are in order to avoid constipation.

b) Use rock salt in foods instead of sea salt.

c) Drink enough water, preferably warm water.

d) Avoid fatty foods.

e) Use vegetable foods, especially leafy.

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