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Back Bends

Back Bends

Yoga Solutions


Dhanur Asana (Bow Pose)

In this exercise both the halves of the body are raised at once by combining the movements of Cobra and Locust and by countering the Plough and Forward Bend. Use the hands and arms to pull the trunk and legs together to have a curve shape. This way the weight of the body is balanced on the abdomen. This Asana helps tone up the back muscles and maintain the elasticity of the spine. It also improves posture and maintains digestive and reproductive systems healthy. In addition, it massages internal organs.

Lie face down. Inhale and bend the knees up, reach the back with hands and clasp the ankles. Exhale. Then inhale and raise the head and chest and pull the ankles at a time while lifting the knees and thighs from the floor so as to form a backward arch and look up. Have three deep breaths in this pose. Thereafter, exhale and release. Come into the Bow and rock forward when exhaling and backward while inhaling. Ensure head is not used to rock.


Bhujanga Asana (Cobra Pose)

In this exercise the spine gets backward stretch and the surrounding musculature strengthened. Plus, the abdominal organs are toned up and gently massaged. This exercise is highly beneficial for correcting menstrual irregularities and relieving pain and constipation. Ensure that the shoulders are down, elbows tucked into the body and face relaxed while doing the exercise.

1. Lie face down with the legs together and hands and palms down under the shoulders.

2. Bring the head up, brush first the nose, and then chin against the floor and inhale. Then lift up the hands and use the back muscles to raise the chest maximum possible. Have few deep breaths. Exhale and slowly return to position one while keeping the chin up till end.

3. Come up as before, but use the hans to push the trunk up and inhale. Continue the up position until bend from the middle of the spine. Hold the position for two-three deep breaths and thereafter exhale and come down slowly.

4. Raise the trunk like earlier but continue up and back till the feeling of back bending from the neck to the spine base, and inhale. Have normal breath and hold the position to the maximum possible in comfort. Thereafter exhale and come down.


Matsya Asana (Fish Pose)

This exercise helps relieve the stiffness in neck and shoulder muscles. It also forbids formation of rounded shoulders, expands ribcage, increases lung capacity and aids deep breathing.

Lie down face up with legs straight and feet together. Keep the hands, palms down underneath the legs. Allow the hands rest palms down, side by side, and the elbows maximum close together under the back.

Press down on the elbows, inhale and arch back. Drop the head back so as to rest the top of the head on the floor while keeping the weight rest on the elbows. Exhale. Keep the legs and lower torso maximum relaxed and breathe deeply while in the position. For coming out of the pose, lift the head from the floor and position it gently back down and then release the arms.


Sethu Bandhan Asana (Bridge Pose)

In this exercise the body creates an arch from head to toe. It strengthens the abdominal and lower back muscles. And, it makes the spine and wrists supple.

1. Lie down on the back with knees bent and feet together. Keep the hands on the lower back. Thereafter lift the hips to the maximum possible. Reverse the steps slowly to come out of the shoulder stand.

2. Come up into the shoulder stand by supporting the waist with the hands. Then bend one leg and lower the foot towards the floor.

3. Get the other leg down to the floor and hold the pose for 2-3 breaths. Then inhale and come to shoulder stand and roll out. Support the body with the hands nearer the shoulders in shoulder-stand, drop into the Bridge both legs at once.

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