Before History

Guide to pre-historic Kerala

Before History

The pre-historic period of Kerala has not been reconstructed fully due to lack of proper evidence. Even though some stone implements belonging to the Upper Paleolithic or Mesolithic period has been found from Chevayur in Kozhikode, Kizhillam in Ernakulam, Marayur in Idukki, Kanjirappally in Kottayam, Tenmala in Kollam and eastern parts of Palakkad, many archaeologists are still skeptic about the existence of men from Pre-historic era in this part of the world. However some are of the opinion that the Paleolithic phase might have slowly paved way for the Mesolithic phase in here.

Neolithic Settlements in Kerala: The discovery of Neolithic tools from Ambukuthy hills near Ambalavayal in Wayanad in 1901 proved the existence of people belonging to that era in Kerala. Recent excavations at Pulpally and Kalpetta in Wayanad has added more credibility to this argument. The rock pictures in Edakkal Caves and at Tovari, both in Wayanad, belongs to the neolithic period.

The Neolithic people in Kerala did both hunting and farming and they also knew how to cook.

Megaliths: Granite monuments erected on burials are called Megaliths.It is a part of the Iron Age culture.

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