Coming of-Nampoothiris

Guide to the Namboodhiris of Kerala

Coming of Namboothiris

The Brahmanans of Kerala are known as Namboothiris, history suggest that they came from North India and settled down in Kerala. Namboothiri community came in Kerala during the 7th-9th century AD they were people with high intellectual prowess and scholars of several disciplines. Namboothiri’s belonged to the most respected section of society. They have contributed a lot to Malayalam literature and few other branches of knowledge. They had there dominance in fields like astrology, mathematics, philosophy and architecture. Nambothiri remained till the 19th century when modern English was introduced in Kerala. There is also a legend that Parashuram created Kerala and entrusted the land to them. Namboothiris are still closely associated to Kerala, as they perform traditional rituals in temples of Kerala where they are called Embrathiri (priest).

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