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Dhanvantari is the inventor of Ayurveda and physician of gods. He was born with a cup of Amrit (life-giving sweet elixir available only to the elites in the gods). He had also a Jalook (leech used for blood letting by Ayurveda physicians), a Srichakra (wheel) and a Sank (conch). Some believe Dhanvantari is the incarnation of Vishnu. The more credible possibility is that he was a born-Ayurveda Physician as a king of Benares. Most of the Ayurvedic practitioners worship Dhanvantari for the success of their profession.

Dhanvantari is also a renowned Ayurvedic Surgeon. It was he who taught the surgery to Susrutha, the stalwart of Ayurvedic surgery.

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