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Charaka used the very scientific ideas of nutrition in treatment. The physiology of digestion is described even at the time of charaka.From the procedure of taking in food and till its transformation as different body parts are explained .The explanations being made in Ayurveda terms finds little difficulty for the lay man to capture and even the other sciences to accept .But this is a fact that these ideas the basic concepts in any pathology of the diseases and the ttreatment modalities practised in this great science.

It is vata that helps in all movements so as the bolus formation of food and its movement in the gut.when it reaches the site of digestion ,the doshas are acted upon.the food particles are disintegratd into the constituent bhootas and are absorbed to form the corresponding body type .Rasa dhatu is considererd as the first evolved digested product.This gets norished to form rakta (blood) in the body.Other dhatus (building structures)are formed in the body like" Kedara iva kulyayah"- the tributaries of mainriver nourishing the the fields both near by and and far away .

Thus the seven dhatus are formed in the body .Rasa(related to chyle,plasma,or lymph), Rakta(blood),mamsa(Muscles), medah(fatty tissues),asthi(the harder parts-bones),majja(can be related to marrow),sukla(the subtle body structure -can be related to semen ).

Oja also considered as the vitality of the body is the end result of digestion .This is the main reason why we often become susceptble to diseases when there is nutritional defeciency .

The mordern concept of immunity , vitality can be attributed to the concept of Ojas

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