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Disease Bearing Channels

Disease Bearing Channels

The diseases are moved through three channels known as surface channel, middle channel and great channel. The abode of surface channel is skin and it regulates the movements of fluid. The middle channel is located in heart, head, bone, urinary bladder and joints of ligaments and tendons, whereas the great channel is placed at the core from mouth to stomach, intestines and anal orifice. The three different channels host the movement of different diseases. Surface channel hosts the diseases the impact of which is reflected on surface of the skin such as boils, moles, wart, swelling, leprosy, piles and many more. The middle channel prefers to host diseases which are not seen on surface of the body such as paralysis, tuberculosis, bone or joint disorders, headache, heart disease and the like. The great channel births the diseases which are obviously noticed by bare eyes or by touch such as vomiting, Cough, fever, hiccup, diarrhea and many more.

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