Dress Culture of Kerala & Mundus

More about the peculiar dress culture of Kerala and the local Mundu

Kerala has its own dress culture. Though the sari is common in India, the wearing pattern is different in Kerala. Similar is the case in the matter of mundu. Here too the pattern of wearing is different.

Ladies wear sari and blouse (jacket). Sari is a 5 to 6.5 metre length and over 1 metre width in different designs and colours. Its cost ranges from Rs 75/- to over 1/10th of a million. The blouse will be of matching colour to sari. The teenagers wear churidar. Churidar constitutes a shoulder to far-below-knee cover-up robe, pant and a shawl. The aged middle to upper class wears set-mundu and blouse. Set-mundu is a 2-piece 4- border colour-striped 1.5 metre length and over 1 metre width handwoven unbleached light-yellow (golden) colour plain spread. One piece ties waist around down to foot. The second piece ties from waist across shoulder down to hip sari-like. The lower class aged wears only mundu and blouse.

Gents wear mundu and shirt. The youngsters and employed wear pants and shirts.

Mundu is an about 1.5 metre length and about 1 metre width (four-ends colour-striped),white or golden colour, spread

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