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Recovering Eloor from Pollution

Just north of Cochin and something of a stain on Kerala. Uncontrolled industrial development has left this zone toxic. Today, locals and NGOs are fighting to right the situation.


Eloor is an island situated 17 Km from north of Cochin. It is the largest industrial belt in Kerala and covers an area of 11.21 Sq Km. The place is hub of chemical industries with about 247 chemical industries located in Eloor.

Whereas fishing, supplemented by agriculture was the mainstay of the local population in earlier times, industrilisation has put an end to it and made Eloor the most toxic city in Kerala.

Two hundred and forty-seven primarily chemical factories known as the Udyogamandal Indusrial Estate actively operate on this island. Fertilisers and Chemicals Travancore (FACT), Travancore Cochin Chemicals, Indian Rare Earths, Hindustan Insecticides Limited (the only DDT-producing facility in India) are some of them

They manufacture a range of products like chemical-petrochemical products , pesticides, rare earth elements, rubber processing chemicals, fertilizers, zinc/chromium compounds and leathochin.

As a result, Eloor has become one of the most toxic regions in the country. Poisoned land, waters and air, threaten the health and existence of the people and the ecology of the area. Greenpeace India is working along with the local community in Eloor to remedy this situation.


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