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Essence of Human Life

The essence of human life according to Ayurveda

The fourfold essence of human life is

  1. DHARMA (righteousness),
  2. ARTHA (wealth),
  3. PRITI (affection)
  4. YASHA (fame), which are based on the offspring.

So the man of self-restraint should always seek to maintain his virility by means of virilification, as righteousness, wealth, affection and good repute are dependant on the maintenance of healthy manhood, which is a means of begetting a son in whom these qualities are based.

According to Ayurvedic texts, one should not aim just to have an offspring but should aim to have SUBAHUPRAJA which means a healthy and strong offspring who is physically as well as mentally fit and proves to be good citizens. This latter is the aim of vajikarana medicines.

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