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Eye Exercise

Yoga Eye Exercises

Like other organs in the body, eye muscles too need exercise to be healthy. There are five Yoga exercises to strengthen the eye muscles. Once the eye muscles are strengthened the prevention of eye strain and improvement of eye sight take place.

The start of eye exercise is with looking up followed by looking down. The next step is to look to the far right and then to the far left. Then look up to the right followed by the look diagonally downward to the left. Repeat in the opposite direction. Then imagine a large clock and look up at 12 therein and circle around clockwise. Have two rounds slowly followed by one quicker round. Then repeat the exercise counter clockwise direction. As final step hold the thumb up about one foot from the face and then move the eyes from them thumb to the wall beyond and back. Do the palming at the end of the exercise.


Rolling the Eyes

1 Look up, look down. 2 Look far right, look far left. 3 Look top right, look bottom left; look top left, look bottom right. 4 Look up, circle around clockwise and then anticlockwise. 5 Look at the thumb, then at wall, then at back and near to far focusing.



Warm the palms by rubbing together vigorously and cup the hands over closed eyes. Do not press the hands. The heat from warm palms soothes and relaxes the eyes.

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