History in a Gist

Quick run-through Kerala history

History in a Gist

Kerala a land with a natural bliss, and emerald green silver land making the place a paradise. It is located in the south western peninsular tip, this one of the most cultural and traditional hot spot of India. Kerala had a vast history starting from Lord Parasuram how is said to be the founder of this beautiful place. This 560 Km long stretch of green land is surrounded by sea, mountains and dense forest. Kerala is abundant of natural resources and is rich producers of coffee, coconut and hub of spices.

The earliest inhabitants of Kerala were the Pulayas, Kuravas and Vetas. It is at a much later time that Aryan populations from the north landed and subjugated them through caste system. Kerala has felt the presence of several different dynasties and has exchanged the cultural values with them. Kerala was a the favourite trade zone also in the early 3000 BC, Cotton from this region was sent to Egypt along with it trade in ivory, sandalwood and spices was there. Click here for more

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