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How to begin your Yoga

Achieving the state of mind to practise yoga

How to ensure that your Yoga regime achieves what you want it to.

First of all, the place selected for Yoga should be clean, well-ventilated and quiet. Spread a mat or blanket or towel in the ground for comfort. An ideal place is one’s own house. Wear loose cotton clothing like shorts or sweat cloth. Be barefoot. As far as possible practice in empty stomach. If after meals, make sure the practice is after 1 to 2 hours of the meals. Drink a glass of water 15 minutes before the practice. If necessary, have a glass of juice before one hour of beginning.

Morning practice helps revitalize the mind and body much better. The yoga breathing and meditation at night ensures normal sleep. Half an hour daily practice devoting 15 minutes for exercise and 15 minutes for breathing a meditation is enough. During the performance no strain on body should be exerted. The beginners may experience pain or fatigue for few days. In such cases, relax in between the exercises for a while.

The sessions begin in the following format:

1) Warm-up exercise. This exercise opens up the shoulder muscles, spine, hips, lower back and groin thereby makes the body prepared for asana practice.

2) Standing Pose. This exercise opens up the hips, stretches the legs, adds strength to the back and increases the movement thereby paves the alignment of body and feet. This exercise also helps easy digestion, easy blood circulation and easily loses weight.

3) Sitting Poses. These poses provide vitality and suppleness to the spine and shape the buttocks and legs by infusing life-breathe.

4) Twist exercises. These exercises help easy circulation of blood and easy absorption of nutrients in the body which in turn makes inter-vertebral discs healthier by releasing the tension in the spine.

5) Spine & Prone Poses. These exercises revitalize back, arms and legs and releases hips and groins thereby discard the tension in the abdomen and hikes-up spine mobility.

6) Inverted and Balance Pose. This exercise increases stamina and strength, improves grace, agility and pose by defying gravity.

7) Backbends Exercise. This exercise eliminates tension in the front body, shoulders, pelvic girdle and improves flexibility of spine. It is also beneficial to smooth functioning of kidney and adrenal glands.

8) Finishing Poses. This is a cooling down exercise.

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