Indian Psyche

The Indian Psyche

India is a country with rich cultural and traditional diversity which is evident from its glorious past. The same is reflected by the people living here, the values, customs and traditions are of great value to Indian society. The psyche of Indians is also influenced by the variety in the cultural and social aspects. Indian are generally known for their simplicity and true nature. India has been a center of cultural exchange as several invaders have left their touch to this place which is also visible from the practices, faith and social fabric of India.

But the basic thing is the ideology and psyche of the inhabitants of this rich country India, people here are deep-rooted to their basics and are culturally strong. With Darma and Karma considered as the soul of life, Indian also respect elders and are inclined towards spiritualism. The psyche of the Indian are also different as per their area of living, as all scattered around the country. With regional, geographical, food, lifestyles all have an influence on their mind and habit.

They love celebration and festivals with their cultural heritage offering an array of festivals which have different flavours and adds a new zeal to their life. But here also the family values remains at the top with all united and involved.

In general we can analyze Indian psyche as culturally strong with the traditional approach and normal fun loving bunch on people. Always grounded to their values and customs and with strong family structure

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