Influence of Seasons on Life


Influence of Seasons on Life

The sun plays a prudent role in controlling and regulating the life.

Winter is the most apt period for the body to have more digestive fire. During this period the cold wind obstructs the release of body heat. This is beneficial to the enhancement of digestive power. At this time even any heavy food gets easily digested and the digestive mechanism needs adequate food. Want of adequacy results in the digestive fire consuming body rasas. This in turn causes vata disturbances in the form of various cold season ailments. During this season heavy and oily foods are ideal. Oil massage on head and body is good in the season. Keep the body unexposed.

The season of spring followed by winter takes a different character. The heat of the sun is more and it perturbs body fat which, in turn, causes many disorders. These disorders can be avoided or arrested by diet management and minor remedial steps. Heavy diet or diet which is oily, sour and sweet diets are to be avoided. Also avoid day sleep (day sleep is bad in all seasons). Adoption of evacuative procedures is good to prevent disorders. Medicated smoking, bath, physic activities etc are also good.

Next comes summer during which the rays of sun are very hot. They consume body water and change the composition of substances, resulting in various disorders to the human body. Proper diet can prevent the disorders to a big extent. Dairy products, meat, rice, cold and sweet drinks are best suited. Salted, sour, pungent, hot food and physical exercise are inadvisable.

Monsoon follows summer with carry-over of weak digestive power. Vata related diseases appear during this season. Avoid cold water drinking, physical exercise, day sleep etc. Sour, salty and fatty foods are good. Regular oil application on body is beneficial.

Autumn follows monsoon when pitta-related diseases take birth. Proper foods and drinks can contain or prevent many autumn related complaints. Foods with characteristics of sweet, mild bitterness, cold and light drinks are ideal. Rice, wheat, barley, meat of deer, sheep, rabbit, partridge are advisable. Purgation, blood-letting and use of medicated ghee provide positive results. Curd, day sleep, alkalis, meat of aquatic and marshy animals, oil etc are in avoid-list.

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