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Inverted and Balance Postures

Postures in Yoga

Inverted and Balance Postures in Yoga

Kaka Asana (Craw Pose)

This Asana strengthens wrists, arms and shoulders and improves concentration and expands the chest.

Squat down and get the arms between the knees. Place the palms flat on the ground in front, shoulder width apart, fingers splayed and point slightly inward. Bend the elbows out to the sides while making the back of the arms into shelves for the knees to rest on.

Mark in mind a point on the ground in front to focus on. Inhale and retain the breath and lean towards the marked point. At this time transfer the weight to the hands by lifting the toes up. Exhale and keep the pose for three/four deep breaths.

Shirsha Asana (Headstand Pose)

This Asana is highly helpful for body and mind. The reverse of normal effects of gravity rests the heart, helps blood circulation and relieves pressure on lower back. The regular practice of the Asana prevents backache, improves memory, concentration and sensory faculties. It helps breathe deeply, bring fresh oxygen-rich blood to the brain.

1. Kneel down. Rest the weight on the forearms. Wrap the hands around the elbows.

2. Release the hands and keep them in the front fingers interlocked. Allow the elbows stay in this position.

3. Keep the back of the head in the clasped hands and the top of the head on the floor. Now the hands and elbows form a tripod providing firm foundation for the inverted body.

4. Straighten the knees and raise the hips.

5. Walk the feet to the head maximum as possible without bending the knees. Pull the hips back to have the neck straight in line with the spine.

Sarvanga Asana (Shoulder Stand Pose)

This exercise invigorates and rejuvenates the body as a whole. It provides more or less some benefits as from Headstand pose. Additionally, it stimulates thyroid and parathyroid glands by pressing the chin into the base of the throat.

1. Lie down on the floor. Make the legs together and hands and palms down by the sides. Inhale and push down by the sides the hands and raise the legs straight up above.

2. Lift the hips from the floor and bring the legs up above the head at about 45 degree angle.

3. Exhale and bend the arms and support the body by holding near the shoulders with thumbs around the front of the body and fingers around the back. Push the back up and lift the legs.

4. Straighten the spine and bring the legs up to vertical position. Press the chin firmly into the base of the throat. Breathe slowly and deeply and gradually make the elbows together and the hands further down the back towards the shoulders so that the torso gets strengthened.

5. To discard the pose, lower the legs to about 45 degree angle over the head and place the palms down behind and then slowly roll out of it vertebra by vertebra. Breathe normally till the whole spine is rested on the floor and the legs at right angles to it. Thereafter, exhale and slowly lower the legs while keeping the knees straight.

Hala Asana (Plough Pose)

This Asana moulds the body into the shape of primitive plough by bringing the feet and hands down to the floor. It provides flexibility to the spine and neck and nourishes the spinal nerves. Plus it strengthens the back, shoulder and arm muscles. It also gently massages internal organs.

1. Lie down on the back with legs together and the palms down the sides. Inhale and raise the legs up. Exhale and then inhale and bring hips up from the floor.

2. Support the back with hands by keeping the elbows close to one another. Exhale and bring the legs down behind the head without bending the knees. If floor cannot be touched with the feet, remain with deep breath in that position.

3. If the feet comfortably reach the floor, make them walk far behind as far as possible and with the toes curled under push the torso up and the heels back. Stretch out the arms behind the back with hands flat on the floor. Breathe slowly and deeply.

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