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Kerala - A slice of Paradise

Kerala or God's Own Country, as proud Keralites would prefer to call their blessed state, is a unique travel destination. National Geographic Traveler reaffirmed this when it declared Kerala to be "one of the top 10 paradises in the world""one of the 50 must-see destinations of a lifetime" among its millennium destinations.

Kerala is a must-visit destination for all visitors to India, with its wealth of ecological wonders, cultural heritage and a delectable fresh local cuisine. Moreover, the typical Malayali, as a native of Kerala is called, is well known for his endearing hospitality and friendly nature. But Kerala is much more than simply a site-seeing itinerary - it is also a potentially spiritual & intellectual adventure.

This guide has been designed to help you know Kerala better and choose your needs. Us Karma Keralites have attempted to answer many of the curious questions you may want to ask about traveling to Kerala along with accommodation and leisure options.

The guide is very much a work in progress, covering the communities, ecology, geography and heritage, to tourism facilities and tourism sights. We continue to develop our narrative of Kerala and welcome editing and ideas from our site visitors. If you are so inclined, please do contact us.

With offices in Europe and Cochin, we are better positioned to understand you and cater to your needs. We hope you find this guide useful. Enjoy it and do come back to us and discuss your plans!

About Kerala the God's Own Country

A quick overview of Kerala

A quick sense of the geography of Kerala and its three distinct ecologies.

Change in Names of Cities and Towns in Kerala

Why places kept being called different things

As part of localization of the names of cities and towns in all India, the names of some places have changed in Kerala.

Kerala Districts

Districts and important cities of Kerala

Lakes-dams guide

List of important lakes and dams in Kerala. Mostly used for producing electricity and also for tourism.

List of Kerala Beaches

List of beaches in Kerala

Kerala's long coastline means that you have a feast of beaches to experience and explore... We have listed them here.

Nature & Wildlife in Kerala

A list of the wildlife you can see in Kerala

Kerala boasts some of the surviving rain-forests on earth. The giant wide-spread dense trees and numerous lakes and streams in the forests are a haven to wildlife.

Seven Natural Wonders in Kerala

7 Things to See in Kerala - our list

Guide to seven natural wonders of Kerala that we will try to take you to if we can while you are with us.

Shopping Guide

Kerala may not be Paris or London or even Mumbai, but for the discerning shopper it offers lots of pleasures and no end of distinctive bargains.


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