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Floating Structure over the waters.

Kettuvallam a large boat made of wooden planks joined and stitched together using coconut fibre ropes and wood called Anjili, The roof covering is made of bamboo poles and palm leaves. Meanwhile the outside part of the boat is painted using cashew nut oil, which acts as a protective coating for the boat.

The size of the boat ranges for about 60 to 70 feet in length and around 15 feet width in the middle portion. The literally meaning of Kettuvallam is bundle" or "package" boat (Kettu means tied with ropes, and vallam means boat in Malayalam).

This house boat was earlier used as a mode of transportation by the traders, as other mediums road and rail were expensive. Along with all these features the boat also holds facilities like cooking and sleeping for the boatmen.

And it is these houseboats that gradually metamorphosed into one of the most attractive tourist experiences in Kerala - "The Houseboats"

At large a stay at this boat will take you close to the ecological splendours of Kerala and give some wonderful memories to cherish for lives.

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