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Guide to the Kollam area of Kerala with introduction and orientation advice


kollam backwaters

Kollam’s East borders Tamil Nadu, South Thiruvanathapuram , West Arabian Sea and North Alappuzha and Pathanamthitta districts. Kollam has commercial and trading reputation from ancient times. Its port attracted Arabs, Portuguese, Greeks, Chinese and British for trading. Kollam is the gateway to the magnificent backwaters of Kerala. Kollam is proud of keeping its tradition in tact. For grandeur, heart-stirring excitement, fun and merriment, the place is Kollam. It is an old seaport town on the banks of Ashtamudi lake. The shrines of Christian, Muslim and Hindu are built in traditional ornate architecture.

Kollam town is the district headquarters of Kollam district. Kerala’s cashew-nut industry is centered here. The town is smeared with historic tapestry. Spices, coconut palms and mesmerizing backwaters setting persuaded Marco Polo who visited here in 13th century to shower glowing tributes on Kollam. Ashtamudi lake can be seen standing at the main bus stand. The lake looks unrelenting silent and stunning during moon light. Just stand on the Thevally bridge to enjoy the beauty.

All the enjoyable sights are within the radius of 10-km of the town. Thirumullavaram and Thangassery beaches, Neendakara port, Colonial relics, churches, temples and mosques among the sights other than Ashtamudi Lake are worth visiting.

Adventure Park at Ashramam, run by District Tourism Promotion Council, which is a vantage spot to overview Ashtamudi Lake, Rest House, built in 1810 in a smart blend of European and Kerala architecture brilliance are unavoidable from the tour-kit. The Residency Bungalow is a fine heritage piece with wide compound and high-ceiling rooms furnished with vintage teak furniture.

Thevally Palace, a super value heritage structure, now in the use of Public Works Department and Army, which can be viewed from Ashtamudi Lake.

Tourist Office: DTPC, at KSRTC Bus Station DTPC at Main Boat Jetty

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Kollam District at a Glance

Area: 2579 sq.km 
Population: 2,584,118 
Altitude: Sea Level

Kollam’s east borders Tamil Nadu, south Thiruvanthapuram, west Arabian Sea and north Alappuzha and Pathanamthitta districts. Kollam town is a commercial hub. Its is the capital of cashew trade and industry in Keralais Kollam.

Ammachiveedu Muhurthi Temple: In the town. 10 days festival in December/January.

Puthiyakavu Bhagawathi Temple: In the town. 8 days festival in March/April.

Uma Maheshwari Temple: In the town. Festival in May/June.

Chinnakada Market: In the town. Very old and historic.

English Church Cemetery: In the town. 19th century tomb stones still in good form.

Residency Bungalow: In the town. Now known as Government Guest House. Blend of Kerala and European architecture.

Chathannur: In the town. Shivapriya Ayurveda Hospital.

Kollam Town: R S N Sarma (Astrologer).

Velinalloor: Near Kollam town. Ganapathy Potti (Astrologer).

Krishnapuram: Near Kollam town. Krishnapuram Unni (Astrologer).

Mulamkadakom: Near Kollam town. Moolamkadakom G Rajagopalan (Astrologer).

Mukhathala: Near Kollam town. Neelamana V R Namboodiri (Astrologer).

Kadavoor: Distance from Kollam. S Girish Warrior (Astrologer).

Vavvakkav: Distance from Kollam. P S Rajendran Pillai (Astrologer).

Pattazhi: Distance from Kollam. Mudipurayil Sasidharan (Astrologer).

Anchalmmodu: Distance from Kollam. Mythriyan (Astrologer).

Thankasseri: 4 km from Kollam town. Once a British enclave. Great draw of people.

Ashtamudi Kayal (Backwaters): Near Kollam town. Sprawling backwaters with tributary canals.

Thevally Palace: Sighted from Ashtamudi Lake and little away from town. Heritage structure.

Thevally: Location of Thevally Palace. T R Saradadevi (Astrologer).

Neendakara: 8 km from Kollam.

(1) Fishing harbour. Chinese Fishing Nets silhouetting.

(2) Starmom R Pillai (Astrologer).

Chavara: 5 km from Neendakara. Chavara Sridharji (Astrologer).

Sasthamkotta: 10 km from Neendakara. Dharmasastha Temple.

Karunagapilly: 15 km from Sasathamkotta. Brahmashree S Sulapani Tantrikal (Astrologer). Ogle at the many traditional 'kettuvallams' or tied boats, which are long cargo boats built without any nails. Coir ropes and traditional adhesives are used to hold together the wooden planks. With careful maintenance these boats last for many generations.

Kundara: 15 km from Kollam. Sreesankaran Gopalakrishnan (Astrologer).

Paripally: 22 km north of Kollam town. Kodimootil Sri Bhagawathi Temple. 10 days festival in February/March.

Manapally: Few km from Paripally. Parambathukulangara Sri Mahakshetram.

Azheekal: Distance from Kollam town. Long stretched Beach.

Amruthapuri: 32 km from Kollam town. Spiritual leader Matha Amrithananthamayi’s headquarter. Located in the village of Vallikkavu, this ashram attracts thousands of visitors from far and wide. From January to April and August to mid November, Mata Amrithananthamayi would be halting here, offering blessings to her devotees. Free accommodation and vegetarian meals are also offered for those wishing to stay here.

Cheriazheekal: Near and west to Amruthapuri. Twin Temples.

(1) Sri Kashi Vishwanathar Temple.

(2) Sreekrishna Temple.

Vadekkenadayil Temple: Just opposite to Twin Temples.

Alumkadavu: 5 km from Amruthapuri. Houseboat building centre.

Malanadu Duryodhana Temple: Near Alumkadavu. Idol-less Temple. Dedicated to notorious Kaurava. First in India.

Kallada: St Mary’s Orthodox Church. Church with symbols of three religions – Christian, Hindu, Muslim.

Thenmala: 73 km east of Kollam and 73 km north east of Thiruvananthapuram. India’s first planned eco-tourism project. Here man, matter and nature celebrated.

Senduruney: In Thenmala. Senduruney Wildlife Sanctuary.

Adventure Zone: In Senduruney. Nature walk, mountain biking, elevated walkways, recreational rock-climbing, rappelling, river crossing etc.

Deer Rehabilitation Centre: In Senduruney.

Kulathupuzha: 12 km from Thenmala. Sri Dharmasastha Temple.

Aryankavu: Away from Kollam town on Kollam Shencotta Road. Sri Ayyappa Temple.

Palaruvi: 4 km from Aryankavu. Palaruvi Waterfalls.

Punalur: 22 km east of Thenmala.

(1) Hanging Bridge.

(2) Daivanjan N K Namboodiri (Astrologer).

(3) Ettumanoor Hari Namboodiri (Astrologer).

Achankovil: Few km from Punalur. Parasurama Temple.

Kottarakkara: En-route to Punalur from Kollam.

(1) Mahaganapathy Temple.

(2) Amrutha Ayurveda Hospital.

(3) N Sreenivasan (Astrologer).

Kottarakkara Thampuran’s Museum of Classical Arts: 1.5 km from Mahaganapathy Temple.

Veluthambi Smarakam: In Mannady, near Kottarakkara.

(1) Memorial for the great warrior Veluthambi.

(2) Devi Temple.

Thevalakkara: 14 km from Alumkadavu. Devi Temple.

Ochira: 17 km north-west of Kollam town. Ochira Temple.


Area (sq km)  : 2491

Population  : 2585208

Males  : 1249621

Females  : 1335587

Sex ratio: Females/1000: 1069

Density of population  : 1038

Per capita income (Rs) : 25648

Literacy rate  : 91.18%: Male 94.38%; Female 88.18%

Coastal line (km)  : 37

Water bodied area (ha) : 14438

Forest area (ha)  : 81438

Assembly constituencies

1.Karunagapilly. 2 Kunnathur. 3 Chavara. 4 Neduvathoor. 5. Kottarakkara. 6 Punalur. 7 Pathanapuram. 8 Chadayamangalam. 9 Kundara. 10 Chathannur. 11 Eravipuram. 12 Kollam

Revenue Taluks

Taluks : Kollam , Kottarakkara, Karunagapalli, Kunnathoor, Pathanapuram. Head Quarters :Kollam,Kottarakkara, Karunagapilli, Kunnathoor, Punalur

Total No of Villages : 104

Kollam Monthly Rainfall (mm)

Jan :24.4

Feb :30.9

Mar :77.7

Apr :159.5

May :246.9



Aug :258.9


Oct :332.5

Nov :230.8

Dec :65.4

Kollam Livestock Population (2000 census)

Cow: 182434

Buffalo: 6162

Goat : 131714

Sheep : 9

Pig : 1034

Kollam's Major Agriculture Products

Products-----------------Cultivated Area (ha)--------------Production in Tonne



Ginger----------------------612------------------------------1648 (cured)



Coconut---------------------71310----------------------------411 million



Local Self-Government

District Panchayat:1

Block Panchayat:13

Grama Panchayat :69

Educational Institutions (Schools)

Lower Primary School

Government : 268, Aided : 189,Unaided : 16

Total : 473

Upper primary School

Government : 62, Aided : 139,Unaided : 7

Total : 208

High School

Government : 76, Aided : 127,Unaided : 10

Total : 213

Higher Secondary School

Government : 35, Aided : 46,Unaided : 19

Total : 100

Vocational HSS

Government : 20, Aided : 32,Unaided : Nil

Total : 52

Arts & Science Colleges

Government :1, Aided :12 Unaided :Nil

Total : 13

Professional Colleges

Engineering College : 9

Polytechnic : 2

ITI : 1

ITC : 37

TTI : 8

Training College : 10

Kollam's Health (Hospitals)

Allopathy Hopitals : 90. Total beds : 22426

Ayurveda Hospitals : 60. Total beds :190

Homeopathy :40. Total beds: 75

Registered Working Factories

No of Factories :1905

No of SSI Units :26157

Roads (km) as on 31-3-2003

State Highways : 90.682

Major Dist. Roads :1265.883

Other Dist. Rds.:123.462

Village Rds. :6902

Total : 1486.929

Registered Vehicles (2003)

Goods Vehicle : 12507

Bus :4210

Car : 34754

Taxi : 4261

Auto : 24294

2-Wheeler : 102723

Others : 255

Total : 187363


No of Post Offices : 365

No of Telephone Exchanges :84


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