Kovalam Beach Visitor Guide

Kovalam is Kerala's most famous beach and a major tourist attraction.

Kovalam beach, was discovered by the western hippies in the 1960s. It was they who chanced upon this hidden paradise, till then a fishing village (as it still is on Chowara Beach). It has since become one of the most popular beach destinations. Kovalam has today acquired all the trappings of a beach resort . The seaside eateries serving a fusion of Indian and continental food, itinerant hawkers, fast food vendors, pubs etc.

Kovalam Beach Guide

Kerala's Iconic Hippy Hangout

Welcome to Kovalam Beach, Kerala's most famous beach.

Ashoka Sumadra Beach Kovalam

Ashoka or Samudra beach sits at the north end of the set of beaches known as Kovalam

Chowara Beach

Guide to the long beach between Aazhimala Temple and Poovar that lies to the south of Kovalam.

Eating Out at Kovalam Beach

A few places to try for some food on Kovalam Beach in Kerala

Hawa Beach Kovalam

Introduction to Hawa Beach in Kovalam area of Kerala - get orientated.

Lighthouse Beach Kovalam

Kovalam's iconic beach

Kovalam's most popular and most populated beach in Kerala

Mulloor beach

Small Rocky Beach near Kovalam

Guide to Mulloor to the South of Trivandrum in Kerala and its small secluded beach

Pachalloor Beach

Quiet Beach away from Kovalam hurly burly

The only "beach" between Trivandrum and the main Kovalam strip

Poovar Beach Kovalam

The furthest south of the "Kovalam beaches" and home to a number of small resorts.

Surfing Swimming in Kovalam

Can you swim or surf at Kovalam?

Thiruvallom Backwaters Kovalam

Thiruvallam to the north of Kovalam and the site of an important Parasurama temple which worships the founder of Kerala. 

Valiyathura Pier near Kovalam

Valiathura Pier where the fishermen launch in the heavy monsoon weather. Quite a feat to be seen

Vizhinjam Village

Quick guide to the village of Vizhinjam to the south of Kovalam

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