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Guide to Kozhikode in Kerala

North touches Kannur district, East touches Wayanad, South touches Malappuram district and West touches Arabian sea. Kozhikode has a long and chequered history. It was the capital of powerful Zamorins. Before the formation of Kerala on linguistic basis in 1956, the present Kerala was in two States. From Thrissur to Thiruvananthapuram was formed of Travancore-Cochin State, and from Palakkad to Kasargod was part of Madras State. The area in Madras State was known as Malabar. The Malabar’s part Kozhikode was a trading centre with huge potential, monopolized by a class of Arab merchants whose business acumen proved invaluable to successive zamorins..

Vasco da Gama moored his ship in Kozhikode’s Kappad beach on 18 May 1498 and sought permission from the ruler Samuthris (Zamorins). He turned down the request. Following the refusal he packed to Kochi and footed there. Later in company with the Kochi ruler he unseated the Samuthiris. Thereafter descended Arabs, Dutch, French and British – all fought over the prize-catch of Kozhikode.

The present town was built around Samuthiri’s residence and fort. The Samuthiri built Manavikram Chira (bund) is now Mananchira Square. The town revolves the Square. The Thali temple built by Samuthiri and the Mishkaal mosque confer grace to the Square. The outlying districts hold some of the regions' finest old Moppila mosques, old fashioned cafes and restuarants where you can sample the famous spicy, Arab tinged cuisine of Malabar region. This strikingly upbeat place riding high on the Gulf remittance cheques has a striking number of huge gold emporia and silk shops in its bazars.

Kozhikode town is the district headquarters of Kozhikode district. The town was developed by Samuthiris whose residence and fort were in the town. The famous Manachira Square in the heart of the town was built by Samuthiris which was then known as Manavavikram Chira. The famous Mishkaal Mosque and equally famous Thali temple are near the Square. The Mananchira Square is around Mananchira Tank which was once the private bath of the Samuthiris. The Tank and the adjoining two Gardens, one with musical fountain, renovated recently present a beautiful sight. A Public Library and Town Hall are around the Tank besides commonwealth Factory. CSI Church and Pattalam Mosque also located around the Square. The nearby Kuttichira is an important landmark in the town. The Kuttichira Tank is a sacred edifice for both Muslims and Hindus. The 14th century mosque, Jamaatpalli, with a prayer accommodation capacity for over 1000 people is the biggest in Kerala. The oldest mosque in kozhikode, Mucchandipalli, with beautiful ceiling is also near the Square.

Mithai Theruvu (sweet meat street) starting from the Square is famous for Kozhikodan Halwa, a bakery sweet. It is available in red, yellow, green and black colours. The Palayam Market is a crowded place. Mohiudeen Mosque nearby is the only mosque installed CTV in Kerala to enable the Imam (priest) to preach to the congregation spread in different storeys of the mosque.

A scenic Park and Planetarium in Regional Science Center is worth visiting. An Aquarium is also located here.

Kozhikode Beach is ideal for meandering. The Beach is dotted with stalls selling seafood delicacies, especially mussels called Kallummakaya in local language. The Lions Park in the Beach is a lure for children.Although not suitable for swimming, it is relaxing place, where you can munch freshly roasted peanuts while scanning the sea for dolphins. The northern end towards the pier is more attractive than the southern stretch.

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Tourist Office : DTPC at Mananchira Square, Kozhikode (0495-2722391)

Accommodation in Kozhikode

  1. Taj Residency, Kozhikode (3 Star)
  2. Kadavu Resorts , on Chaliyar River bank. (4 Star).
  3. Hari Vihar, Kozhikode ( Ayurveda / Heritage Home stay)

Travelling to Kozhikide

Air  : Kozhikode Airport, Karipur Airport. Access from all important centres in India.

Rail  : Kozhikode. Access from all important centres.

Road  : KSRTC, Kozhikode. Access from all important centres in Kerala.

Kozhikode Guide

Information about Calicut district

Attractions in Kozhikode

Things to see and do in Kozhikode district of North Kerala

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Guide to backwater country of Kozhikode


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The 14th century mosque, Jamaatpalli, is a unique mosque with a prayer accommodation capacity for over 1000 people - the biggest in Kerala.

Kappad & Kappad Beach

 Kappad was the landing place of Vasco da Gama.

Kolavipalam Turtle Beach

Olive Ridley turtle Calicut beach

Small beach area north of Calicut that is relaxing and has a Olive Ridley Turtle conservation centre that really should be visited. 


The erstwhile town square of Kozhikode

Manavikram Chira

Guide to Mananchira, the iconic pond in the city centre where Siberian cranes make a stop annually

Mishkaal mosque

Guide to the oldest mosque in Calicut

Mithai Theruvu

Mithai Theruvu, located in Calicut, a city in north Kerala. (also known as SM street) is the famous “Sweet Meat street” of the city.

More Villages In Kozhikode

Guide to other villages in Kozhikode

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