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A village made for tourists highlighting the fisherfolk way of life in Kochi...

Kumbalangi Tourism Village

Kumbalangi is an impressive fishing village that is located near Palluruthy Island in the vicinity of Ernakulam. It provides excellent opportunity for the visitors to get the real feel of being close to the enviable calm and cool lifestyle that prevails in Kumbalangi. The charm and cheer offered by this stunning village will sure rejuvenate your mind and make you refreshed. Kumbalangi is surrounded by backwaters and its sprawling waterscape is beautifully dotted with Chinese Fishing Nets.

  Kumbalangi has lot to offer for the intriguing tourists who are keen to exploit the rustic natural beauty of the place. One can admire various forms of fishing using Chinese nets and ordinary nets, can even participate in the fishing expedition to prove their skills in fishing. You can also learn some new skills of thatching palm leaves, learn the process involved in toddy tapping, witness husk beating to coir making, have a pleasant stroll along the splendid waterways, can have a voyage in country boats, savour local dishes, can admire boat building process, this and lots more will make your trip to Kumbalangi an unforgettable experience to cherish for a lifetime.

  As recognition to its ecological balance and its inimitable natural beauty Kumbalangi was declared as the Integrated Tourism Village by the government of India, this is considered as first of its kind. The visitors can also befriend the fishing community. The exceptional ambiance of this fishing village will offer a unique experience for all the visitors. Other than fishing there are several prawn and crab breeding farms located on both sides of the road that leads to Kumbalangi. The presence of mangroves makes Kumbalangi a haven for prawns, crabs, oysters and many small fishes. The village is 16 Sq.Km in area and is a hamlet inhabited by coir spinners, toddy tappers, farmers, fishermen and labourers.

The Kumbalangi project that emphasis on exploiting the inimitable tourism scope offered by the village came into being in the year 2003, which helped the village to retain its originality and uniqueness. About 30,000 people live here and the main occupation of the people is fishing. There are over 100 Chinese nets in the backwaters that face the village. There are several comfortable home stay facilities available in Kumbalangi for those who wish to stay in this gorgeous village.

This eye-catching fishing village is just 30 minutes drive away from Fort Cochin and it enjoys well connected transporting links. The Kochi International Airport is 45 Km from Kumbalangi. So don’t forget to add Kumbalangi in your Kerala itinerary.


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